at door

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at (one's) door

1. Literally, outside one's door. I'm at your door right now—where are you?
2. By extension, one's responsibility. That issue is at the police commissioner's door now. I always hire reputable contractors for my company because I don't want complaints of shoddy construction at my door.
3. Very close to one's location, especially of an unwanted thing that is encroaching. We used to think of it as a skirmish on the frontier, but the war is now at our door. This whole area used to be rural, but with rampant development, the suburbs are at our door.
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at (someone's) door

As a charge holding someone responsible: You shouldn't lay the blame for the fiasco at her door.
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Residents wear tags, and if they go within a certain distance of the part of the system that can detect the tag, usually placed at doors, an alarm goes off.