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astound (one) with

To amaze someone with something. I didn't know she was such a talented singer—she astounded us with her voice. You astounded the committee with your thorough, incisive analysis.
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astound someone with something

to shock or amaze someone with something. She astounded us with her skill. He astounded himself with his sudden burst of strength.
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This double potential makes all postmodern notions that we can simply replace repression with freedom and joyful innocence astoundingly deceptive.
Much of Speaking with Vampires ultimately constitutes itself as a kind of manual of how to read the information on vampires without reducing it to a single explanatory schema, White wants to emphasize the open-endedness of vampire stories as people listened to them, made them their own, and participated in a culture of rumor and gossip that embodied an astoundingly complex array of fears and anxieties.
It has forgotten the astoundingly high interest rates of the Jimmy Carter era, the astonishing yields on junk bonds back in the Drexel Burnham Lambert years, the stagnant market between 1966 and 1982--and soon it will forget all this.
It highlights limited examples of interracial relations, with astoundingly low expectations of whites taking responsibility for their own biases and too many quotes from immigrants describing black people as untrustworthy, resentful, and lazy.
This would be an astoundingly large mill, one that seems to defy all logic in today's soft market.
During his research he uncovered an astoundingly high incidence of emotional and physical abuse, torture, and commercial exploitation of the children by their keepers, individuals who received public funds to care for them.
Surrounding the massive green void of the Imperial Palace (perhaps the world's most valuable piece of real estato) are a series of village-like districts each with a distinct character and nucleus, linked by an astoundingly efficient public transport system.
The rebuilding of Holy Family Church may seem astoundingly rapid from one view, but for the Oratorians, and their parishioners, the last three-and-a-half years were grievously interminable, with week after week of Sunday Masses celebrated in the gymnasium of the adjacent Holy Family school, of daily Mass in the Parkdale United Church, of confessions heard in storage rooms of various kinds, of squeezing two parish congregations into one church for the High Holy Days, and of suffering the constant daily aches and travails, inconveniences little and big, of being so immediately and radically displaced, so wanting of a home.
10 Peter Hujar (Matthew Marks Gallery, New York) I wanted to note the moment when NBC replaced the astoundingly intelligent, ungimmicky, emotionally disturbing accuracy of Freaks and Geeks with a show called, I think, Lardy Miracles.
She said: "It is a strikingly physical production of an astoundingly moving and darkly witty play.
Indeed, the success of science in showing that simple life forms are mechanisms--albeit astoundingly complex ones--lends power to what some feel is a deflationary materialism: we no longer need mysterious, nonphysical explanations for what life does.
The piece begins in silence, then explodes into samba-based African steps performed forcefully and in unison to a sound track of African-inspired hip-hop music known as "tribal house," and concludes in a round of astoundingly difficult improvised but loosely structured solos.
Six of the 12 text screens switched to numbers info and, astoundingly, only a partial show for the July Cup was left up.
Gustave Reese was famous for his ability to give a balanced account of the work of other scholars and also for his astoundingly detailed knowledge of the repertory.
Director Lynch was quick to detect just how astoundingly well his subject fits the bill.