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astound (one) with (something)

To amaze one with something. I didn't know she was such a talented singer—she astounded us with her voice. You astounded the committee with your thorough, incisive analysis.
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astound someone with something

to shock or amaze someone with something. She astounded us with her skill. He astounded himself with his sudden burst of strength.
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Phoebe Waller-Bridge's play was labelled 'astoundingly filthy'
Supported by two of the most respected names in their fields, Permanent TSB and Allianz, we are now able to bring further value and savings to our range, at an astoundingly low cost to buyers.'
Some have suggested that this somehow devalues the competition further, because it shows that a lot of clubs aren't that bothered about it any more, but you only have to read the quite astoundingly sour comments coming out of Old Trafford, for instance, to see that Manchester United were in no hurry to get knocked out.
"After the joint operating agreement with the Post-Dispatch was dissolved, we carried the Globe on our shoulders for about a year and a half under astoundingly difficult conditions.
Lyrical, almost magical, the Renaissance writers of Castile produced an astounding array of work from an even more astoundingly diverse pool of writers.
Over two hundred color photos of architecture, monuments, and arts crosses genres and eras alike in an astoundingly well detailed, unparalleled coverage not to be missed by any serious art collection.
But he discovers that he doesn't mind the changes at all, for his Abuelita is astoundingly full of life!
Not that anyone is the devil, but the works and pomps of this administration are astoundingly evil.
One of the true experts in this field, the late Peter Bauer, quoted an official from a developing country who was astoundingly honest and admitted, "We shall produce any statistics that we think will help us to get as much money out of the United States as we possibly can.
It's all natural, with all the live active cultures intact, and the honey is astoundingly good, especially combined with the yogurt.
This is an astoundingly beautiful book, whose simplicity belies a complex world; that it is the beginning of a series is reason to cheer.
"Patrick is astoundingly different from Emmett"--his character on Queer as Folk--Paige said.
Her subtle command of Language and use of imagery features nature as a dramatic player, and the communion with ghosts, both loved and fearful is astoundingly evoked.
As much about social history as personality profiles, In Their Time has an astoundingly ambitious goal: To reduce a century of convulsive change in business to a series of chapters about different decades, their economic drivers and the executives who exemplified leadership in those eras.