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astound (one) with (something)

To amaze one with something. I didn't know she was such a talented singer—she astounded us with her voice. You astounded the committee with your thorough, incisive analysis.
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astound someone with something

to shock or amaze someone with something. She astounded us with her skill. He astounded himself with his sudden burst of strength.
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Astounding Interior design is the most preferred bar designer for their cost-effective designing solutions without compromising quality.
"Each year, the food service industry experiences an astounding loss in products and money due to a severe lack of security," says Ecker.
I watched her give class a couple years ago, and she set the students dancing across the floor with astounding vigor and rigor.
Plus, the power of a group like a chorus is astounding. I witnessed it myself when I sat on the steering committee to bring the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus to Lincoln, Neb., in 1981.
Vocally astounding with backwashes of echoes, I feel the strength and progression, I reveled in glorious gloomness and psychedelic trance.
From inner city parks and gardens to adjacent area meadows, wetlands and woods, Wild Belfast offers a simply astounding, rich survey of all the creatures which live in the region--and how best to see them.
In science and technology, astounding progress marches alongside maddeningly simple but seemingly unsolvable problems, in the last 50 years, the density of data on computer disks has increased 500 million times while the energy density of batteries has increased only marginally.
These have been gathered from Astounding Science Fiction: they represent some of Moore's own favorites.
Kneehigh Theatre are renowned for their innovation and, true to form, have produced an absolutely astounding rendition of the ancient Cornish tale.
"It is astounding how many smart, well-educated, and well-paid people are underutilized by their companies," writes Susan Annunzio, chairman and CEO of the Hudson Highland Center for High Performance, and an adjunct professor of management at the University of Chicago School of Business in Contagious Success.
Ansel Adams in the Lane Collection is an astounding compilation of black-and-white photography by Ansel Adams, who emerged as one of the first American "superstars" of photography in the late 1960's.
North Durham Coroner Andrew Tweddle branded the blunders as "astounding" and "unacceptable".
But war and bureaucracy conspire to keep the two stranded on opposite sides of the continent for an astounding 20 years.
The ignorance among some priests about the seriousness and massiveness of the contemporary attacks upon the foundations of human life and the moral defences thrown up by the Church over the centuries, is astounding. Time and again they just slough it off.
Originally published in the pages of "Astounding Science Fiction" magazine in 1950, this is the story of a galaxy rent apart by conflict, in which starships exact a horrific price from their crews in order to travel unimagineable distances.