astound with

astound (one) with (something)

To amaze one with something. I didn't know she was such a talented singer—she astounded us with her voice. You astounded the committee with your thorough, incisive analysis.
See also: astound

astound someone with something

to shock or amaze someone with something. She astounded us with her skill. He astounded himself with his sudden burst of strength.
See also: astound
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Reese Witherspoon bared her soul and body to portray Cheryl Strayed in "Wild." Julianne Moore continued to astound with a raw turn as a professor suffering from Alzheimer's in "Still Alice." And the ladies of "Birdman"--Emma Stone, Andrea Riseborough, Amy Ryan and Naomi Watts--create characters who could each warrant their own movie.
Just as alchemists and metallurgists confound and astound with science, Montana's Volumen confound and astound with sonics.