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astound (one) with

To amaze someone with something. I didn't know she was such a talented singer—she astounded us with her voice. You astounded the committee with your thorough, incisive analysis.
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astound someone with something

to shock or amaze someone with something. She astounded us with her skill. He astounded himself with his sudden burst of strength.
See also: astound
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We are excited to put our certification to use with our existing and future clients,” said Igor Gorin, CEO of Astound Commerce.
Also, the Astound has three fully customisable home screens and comes with pre-loaded games and features the Slacker Radio app.
Astound Dynamite's "WYSIWeb" technology and its Publish Wizard output Web pages in multiple formats with embedded "sensing" code, allowing for viewing with either Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.
presentations of All Types Astound lets users present and distribute presentations in a variety of formats.
Astound Broadband offers cable, Internet and telephone services and currently has about 55,000 video, data and phone customers in Concord and Walnut Creek, California.
Tony is one of the new Demandware Solution Architects at Astound Commerce, where his unique background in running all aspects of the ecommerce system development lifecycles position him to oversee the architecture, solution design and development and quality assurance of major retail sites.
Off he wings, in secret, to London and astounds Guthrey Featherstone, head of chambers, by announcing his un-retirement.