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For electronic products, assuring access to, and storage of, files is a critical issue.
In facility projects, you'll often see a facility manager as the project leader, assuring that corporate goals are met, end users are satisfied and costs are kept within check.
Lesson 5: Assuring Partnership Tax Classification of the LLC
The assurance partners must have the ability to provide independent expertise that is proven across a wide range of high performing infrastructure sector clients, In assuring that yw and its contracting partners are compliant with governance, Standards, Policies and procedures in the following areas:
He also expressed his regrets over assuring of dismissal of CCPO, Karachi.
The Arjeplog facility will play a crucial role in BMW's plans to develop next-generation all-wheel-drive systems, along with assuring the automaker's Integrated Chassis Management (ICM) initiative takes root.
By starting now to work with government and industry to develop such a communications infrastructure, the insurance industry could play a central role in assuring homeland security far into the future.
Assuring that guests to the British Virgin Islands have an excellent guest service experience is a high priority of the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board & Film Commission (BVITB).