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assure (one) of (something)

To try to convince one of something or quell one's fears. The partners are getting nervous—we need to assure them of the deal's favorable terms. Can you please assure the boss of my ability to handle this project?
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assure someone of something

to guarantee something to someone; to promise someone that something will happen or that a particular state exists. I want to assure you of our good intentions. Frequently, she had to assure herself of her basic worth.
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Assured Fund invests in US life assurance policies sold on the second hand traded market by elderly US citizens - the typical age of policy holders is between 75 and 85.
Congratulating Stena Line on retaining the Hospitality Assured accreditation, chief executive Philippe Rossiter FIH said: "Stena Line and all those involved on its Irish Sea routes are to be congratulated on gaining their highest ever overall Hospitality Assured assessment score, demonstrating that the company is delivering 'outstanding' service and business excellence."
The linkage of assured mobility to FM 3-0 begins with information--the newest element of combat power.
Assured said that the comprehensive settlement resolves all RMBS claims that the company has asserted against Flagstar and releases both parties from any and all other future RMBS-related claims between the parties.
"This ruling is a significant milestone in forcing the banks to honor the contractual commitments they made and have long sought to avoid," Jacob Buchdahl, a lawyer for Assured at Susman Godfrey, said in a statement.
Assured is a sophisticated multibillion-dollar insurance company that received full disclosure about the securities they chose to insure.
Dexia acquired the stake in November 2008 when the company sold its US bond insurer FSA to Assured Guaranty.
Or, taking the other view point, it means that non-farm assured sheep farmers are losing out on pounds 700,000 a year in potential income while non-farm assured cattle farmers are losing out on pounds 2.2m.
Before the 1992 referendum on the Maastricht Treaty, President Mitterrand assured his fellow citizens that, contrary to the express language of the treaty, European monetary policy would not be determined by faceless central bankers, but would be guided by political oversight governed by concern with unemployment and inflation.
Once basic compatibility is assured, the selector may then begin to consider special features and quality issues.
At the same time, the LLC Act's liability protections assure participants of protection from potential downside liabilities associated with a business for which recovery may not be assured.
Our position as the world's major industrial power cannot be assured when, for example, Japan commits $100 billion by the year 2000 to advance its telecommunications industry.
The chief Minister assured drinking and water supply schemes near the Turbela Dam areas and assured to spread a network of development schemes in the areas having natural advantages but have no efficient facilities in all sectors.