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assure (one) of

To try to convince one of something or quell one's fears. The partners are getting nervous—we need to assure them of the deal's favorable terms. Can you please assure the boss of my ability to handle this project?
See also: assure, of

assure someone of something

to guarantee something to someone; to promise someone that something will happen or that a particular state exists. I want to assure you of our good intentions. Frequently, she had to assure herself of her basic worth.
See also: assure, of
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Award-winning actor Christopher Walken will be the face of the Qantas Assure launch campaign and demonstrates some of the activities members can undertake to earn Qantas Points (like steppin, dancin andwalkin).
Qantas Frequent Flyers who purchase a Qantas Assure health insurance policy will earn one Qantas Point for every dollar spent on their health insurance premium and could earn up to 15,000 Qantas Points (depending on their level of cover) through the App each year for staying active.
The Qantas Assure App will log the number of steps taken each day via the members wearable technology (e.
When purchasing an eligible Qantas Assure health insurance policy, members i can choose to receive an Apple Watch or up to 50,000 Qantas Points as a one-off joining bonus, depending on their level of cover.
Using the Qantas Assure App for Apple Watch provides a unique and personalised journey with Qantas Assure.
Qantas Assure members can earn a maximum of 70,000 Qantas Points in three ways (up to 15,000 points through the App for stepping, up to 50,000 points as a one-off joining bonus and up to 5,000 points for paying the insurance premium) in the first year which is enough to fly from Sydney to London in Economy, Sydney to Hong Kong in Business or secure an upgrade from Premium Economy to Business between Melbourne and Los Angeles on a Classic Flight Reward bookingii.
To make the right decision on number of simultaneous users, the selector must understand how access is controlled, consult with public services staff to estimate how many simultaneous users will be needed, and work with automation staff to assure access is indeed limited to that number.
The selector again must understand and negotiate the license agreement to assure that all users, regardless of location, may use the product.
The selector must understand how the majority of patrons will use the product to assure such uses are allowed by the license agreement.
The selector should read and reread the contract as many times as needed to assure that the rights are understood clearly.
The selector has the responsibility to identify specifically the library's usage requirements and to assure the desired rights are granted in the license.