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assure (one) of (something)

To try to convince one of something or quell one's fears. The partners are getting nervous—we need to assure them of the deal's favorable terms. Can you please assure the boss of my ability to handle this project?
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assure someone of something

to guarantee something to someone; to promise someone that something will happen or that a particular state exists. I want to assure you of our good intentions. Frequently, she had to assure herself of her basic worth.
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Finally, evaluation of electronic products should focus on issues that assure a user-friendly interface.
The facility manager, while selecting the firm, evaluates the personnel assigned to the project to assure that capabilities match up with the work scope.
Each state that does not already have one should enact a program that assures adequate provisions for reforestation of any land where timber harvests are conducted, unless land-use changes are involved.
Assure Technology has acquired the IP from BoomStartup, which includes the BoomStartup Online software platform, content from the BoomStartup Online University for Startups, as well as other proprietary tools, data and processes.
Emma Perfect, managing director and chief scientific officer at Lux Assure said: "We are delighted to announce Laurence as the new chairman of Lux Assure.
Additionally, the SLP Department organized an elective battery replacement program to assure readiness and ample supply of common hearing aid batteries.
Unfortunately, as in the case of a gift of corporate stock, no safe harbor capitalization rate is provided to assure a satisfactory valuation.
One of the first and most obvious responsibilities of rehabilitation is to assure that adequate evaluation and vocational training for preparing individuals to enter the labor force is available through the public rehabilitation programs.
4 June 2019 - Denver, US-based intraoperative neuromonitoring services provider Assure Holdings Corp.
It is our prime duty to make assure the availability of water till the tail-end growers and residents.
'We continue to assure you that we continue to engage in very serious conversations,' Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Ernesto Abella told reporters in an interview in Malacanang.
US Assure, a program administrator and insurance services provider for the property & casualty industry, will launch direct billing and a new commission payment process in late second quarter of this year.
"We also wanted to keep building the 800 as long as we could, because bringing those plants down for any extended amount of time costs a lot of revenue." The designers had to work hand-in-hand with manufacturing to assure the program would remain on budget and on the slimmed down timetable (the pickups will arrive on the market in late-2006, compared to the early 2007 timeframe originally projected].
If ACLI decides to formally launch the Assure Seal program, here's how it would work: Participating companies will add a small icon--a kind of seal of approval--to their Web pages.