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labor under (something)

To live, function, or operate while believing something or holding an assumption of some kind, especially something that is not or may not be true. We all labored under the assumption that we would be getting paid overtime, so we all nearly quit when we realized that wasn't the case These politicians want us all to labor under the notion that they're our friends, looking out for our interests first and foremost.
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labor under an assumption

Fig. to function or operate believing something; to go about living while assuming something [that may not be so]. I was laboring under the idea that we were going to share the profits equally. Are you laboring under the notion that you are going to be promoted?
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Seitz Funeral Home, Assumption has been entrusted with the care and service arrangements.
Pinky Valdes, who presented the changes in the Assumption education.
Simultaneously, the association has also answered the call of the Assumption Sisters at the Xavier de Kibangay High School, their mission school in Lantapan, Bukidnon, to sponsor the college education of one of their students.
Our long-term aluminium price assumptions incorporate the expected return of Rusal's aluminium to the market after a change in the company's ownership in a manner satisfactory to the US Office of Foreign Assets Control, which would allow the lifting of sanctions within a few months.
These historical nuggets are captured in 'Assumption A to Z,' a picture book that alphabetically defines the Assumption College's heritage.
Avoid embedded assumptions. Users should avoid embedding their assumptions in formulas for several reasons.
It is clear that Clark (2012) was correct; media do not directly influence achievement; however, it is also a basic assumption that without media it is nearly impossible to communicate at a distance.
According to the high fertility assumption, the percentage of Omani children under 15 years to the total number of the Omani population is expected to reach 30% in 2040 compared to about 25% according to the low fertility assumption.
Assumption named the 34-year-old Harding its 14th coach in program history on Sunday.
For example, are your actions based on the assumption that you teach a discipline, such as biology, philosophy, and education, or do you assume that you teach students who are human and adults, and if they are adult humans, they most likely are a person, and if they are a person, they have the potential and capacity to learn?
Early lapse assumptions of 7-10% in the late '80s and early '90s declined to 4-5% in the mid to late '90s But as we now know the actual lapse rate as an industry is less than 2%.
flexible" tradition, using the example of assumption of the risk in
The life insurance industry has various opinions on the definition of the mortality improvement assumption. Life insurers say things like "it's 1% a year for 30 years" or "it's 2% a year for 15 years" and fellow professionals are quick to offer an opinion.
Here he elaborates on the importance of dispelling organizational and personal assumptions.
design makes assumption management even more critical than the deliberate decisionmaking process.