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associate with

1. To have a relationship with someone. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun can be used between "associate" and "with." I don't associate with criminals like him. I think he's happy to associate himself with successful people like us.
2. To connect various people or things in one's mind, usually for a specific reason that is unique to that person. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "associate" and "with." I associate the smell of cinnamon with Christmas because of the cookies my mother used to bake every year. He always associates Liz with me because he met us at the same time.
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associate oneself with someone or something

to join someone or something as a partner or friend. I wanted to associate myself with a prestigious law firm. She associated herself with people of low repute.
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associate someone or something with someone or something

to link someone or something [in one's mind] to someone or something else. (Something and someone can occur in all possible combinations.) I always associate Walter with pizza for some reason. I associate pizza with stringy cheese.
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associate with someone

to be friendly with someone; to be acquainted with someone socially in a work setting. We seek to associate with persons like ourselves. I like to associate with interesting people.
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associate with

1. To keep company with someone or some group: They are very snobbish and don't associate with people from our side of town.
2. To link something in the mind with something else: People often associate sunny weather with happiness.
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Almost half (725 cases) were event associated; the remaining (740 cases) were sporadic (i.e., not epidemiologically linked to other cases); 978 (67%) cases were laboratory confirmed; 55 clusters of cases were associated with social events.
Increased visceral fat is associated with further deposition of fat in the liver and muscle, causing local tissue insulin resistance, as well as a rise in circulating factors that are atherogenic and thrombogenic (eg, free fatty acids, tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] [TNF-[alpha]], interleukin-6 [IL-6], and plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 [PAI-1]), and a decline in factors linked to insulin sensitivity (eg, adiponectin, leptin).
During the first half of the 20th century, relapsing fever was a disease of major worldwide importance; it caused epidemics affecting [approximately equal to] 50 million and was associated with death rates of 10% to 40% (1).
Hepatic gene expression in protoporphyic Fech mice is associated with cholestatic injury but not a marked depletion of the heme regulatory pool.
In analyses of factors associated with bacterial vaginosis, the researchers classified women as either having or not having vaginosis, regardless of whether the women also had vaginal candidiasis; similarly, in analyses of risk factors for candidiasis, a woman's vaginosis status had no bearing on her candidiasis classification.
The Board's approval is specifically conditioned on compliance by Associated with the conditions imposed in this order and the commitments made to the Board in connection with the application.
A private investor purchased the property from the owners who were associated with the Rosenfeld Ribbon Company.
Public accounting firm: A proprietorship, partnership, incorporated association, corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership or other legal entity (as well as any person associated with such entity, to the extent designated by PCAOB rules), engaged in the practice of public accounting or preparing or issuing audit reports (SOA Section 2(a)(11)).
A further part deals with PGE deposits associated with alkalic magmatism.
The early signs and symptoms of clinical events associated with hyperlactatemia should receive careful attention because of the life-threatening potential of the most extreme manifestation, lactic acidosis syndrome (LAS).
"Our contribution has been mostly in understanding the factors associated with acquiring the HIV infection and disease progression," says Brown.
The concept of calibration has generally been associated with statements regarding the accuracy of a standard, gauge, or measuring instrument.
We analyzed the outpatient otologic surgery experience at our institution to identify those factors that are associated with a high risk of postoperative complications that require an unplanned hospital admission.
People associated with both Adoption Associates and Our Lady's Inn were accused of the same transgression: consorting with the enemy.
The son or daughter's transition to work and adult life can be analyzed as a non-normative family stressor co-occurring with stressors associated with normative aspects of the family life cycle.
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