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We always want to associate with someone who reflects the same quality as us," he said on Monday.
Fewer than 1 in 5 Americans are willing to closely associate with someone suffering from drug addiction as a friend, co-worker or neighbor.
I mean, how can you possibly associate with someone who doesn't understand contouring?
She isn't bad, but hers isn't a voice that you'd normally associate with someone who was born to sing.
It's churchy stuff, not exactly what you'd associate with someone who TIME named "America's Best Theologian." But then again, Hauerwas is peculiar, and if he's right, so are Christians.--Nicholas Liao
"There was no dealer list, there were no scales, no large sums of cash which one would ordinarily associate with someone dealing drugs.
After avoiding being killed by them, with the help of Riff and a bit of subterfuge, he returns to the Upper Decks, but from then on is ostracised by friends and the other power hungry families who won't associate with someone who has been Below.
"If you associate with someone who carries a weapon, you are putting yourself in harm's way because you are more likely to be injured or killed yourself."
"Most women want to associate with someone more real - slimming down to a size zero, especially after childbirth, is not achievable for the rest of us, and I think people are becoming less interested in seeing these shocking pictures of her in the media.
"I cannot fully associate with someone who can't read the tea leaf."
As a guitarist, he showed an impressive command of traditional, classical and jazz styles, but this 55 year-old musician wore few of the debilitating scars you'd associate with someone who'd been plying their trade on the folk scene since the mid-1960s.
In the case of Michael Jackson, his selfprofessed pal Uri Geller just refuses to acknowledge even the vaguest chance that Jackson might be an abuser on the grounds that he himself is a father and he would never associate with someone capable of such a thing.
I don't think horror would be the term I would associate with someone keeping their virtue."
If you're a beginner, read every book you can, and then associate with someone who actually has horses.
Charles, while watching a movie about green slime, exhibits all the outward characteristics that we associate with someone who is genuinely scared.
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