associate with

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associate with

1. To have a relationship with someone. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun can be used between "associate" and "with." I don't associate with criminals like him. I think he's happy to associate himself with successful people like us.
2. To connect various people or things in one's mind, usually for a specific reason that is unique to that person. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "associate" and "with." I associate the smell of cinnamon with Christmas because of the cookies my mother used to bake every year. He always associates Liz with me because he met us at the same time.
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associate oneself with someone or something

to join someone or something as a partner or friend. I wanted to associate myself with a prestigious law firm. She associated herself with people of low repute.
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associate someone or something with someone or something

to link someone or something [in one's mind] to someone or something else. (Something and someone can occur in all possible combinations.) I always associate Walter with pizza for some reason. I associate pizza with stringy cheese.
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associate with someone

to be friendly with someone; to be acquainted with someone socially in a work setting. We seek to associate with persons like ourselves. I like to associate with interesting people.
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associate with

1. To keep company with someone or some group: They are very snobbish and don't associate with people from our side of town.
2. To link something in the mind with something else: People often associate sunny weather with happiness.
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In a statement published on the UN website, all UN staff in Tunisia said they "associate themselves with the Secretary-General's message and extend their deepest condolences to President Essebsi's family, the government and people of Tunisia.
"I think brands that associate themselves with cannabis kind of get that contact high.
As a market, Islamabad offers a great opportunity for us to grow and make our brand into a community that the people of Pakistan can associate themselves with for years to come,' says Khan.
More and more Pakistani artists are now staying away from showbiz across the border and do not want to associate themselves with Bollywood whatsoever.
The protestors - who associate themselves with the Captive Animals' Protection Society - explained the reasons for the demonstration.
He also told the mayors not to associate themselves with the enemies of the state or engage in corruption or drugs "because you will lose your power over the police."
They claimed that their family members and friends had endorsed the decision and agreed not to associate themselves with any separatist outfit.
Maun women have been encouraged to associate themselves with other women who are in business to benchmark and improve their business entities.
The site also offers superb brand promotion and exposure for all those wishing to associate themselves with professional and engineering excellence.
"Mario Balotelli is the type of footballer that our fans can associate themselves with," he told Turkish magazine Fanatik.
She said: "I know quite a few travellers appreciate what Tyson has achieved in the ring but do not associate themselves with his ridiculous comments."
Call me old-fashioned but I doubt many voters would recognise much of this clap trap or want to associate themselves with it,even if they had the foggiest idea what 'progressive universalist' means.
(shows) kidnappers who associate themselves with Daesh brutally martyring several white-bearded tribal elders and villagers with explosives," the Taliban said in a statement Tuesday.
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