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assist (one) at

To help another person with something, usually in a medical setting. Who is going to assist me at the laparotomy this morning?
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assist in

To help with something. A person's name or a pronoun can be used between "assist" and "in." Who wants to assist me in this endeavor? My boss wants me to assist in this project, so here I am!
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assist with

To help with something. A person's name or a pronoun can be used between "assist" and "with." Who wants to assist me with this endeavor? My boss wants me to assist with this project, so here I am!
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assist in something

to help with something. May I assist in this? Please assist in this task.
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assist (someone) at something

to serve as a helper or assistant in some procedure. (This usually refers to a surgical procedure.) Will you assist at surgery this morning? I would be happy to assist you at the procedure.
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assist someone in something

to help a particular person working on a task. Please assist Greg in the committee's assignment. We assisted him in the whole procedure.
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assist someone with someone or something

to help someone manage someone or something, especially with lifting or physical management. Assist me with Jane, won't you? Will you assist me with this heavy box? Sally assisted herself with the math problem. She did it on her own.
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Berlin: Rachel Laverdure**, Certificate in Medical Assisting.
Charlton: Kelly Dube*, Certificate in Medical Assisting.
Miles, CSP, CMC, was honored again this year with an Honorary ADAA Membership in recognition of her continuing efforts to promote and support not only ADAA, but the entire dental assisting profession.
Nominations are based on the individual's accomplishments that enhance the dental assisting profession in areas of local and state association development, communications, leadership, membership development and community service.
This means that mostly only private pay patients can afford to live in assisting living facilities.
Flores: Probably the widespread practice--which is state-specific--of unlicensed caregivers assisting with the meds.
As physicians, our role is to relieve suffering in other ways than assisting suicide, and if we're not successful, refer the patient to a doctor who specializes in pain control.
Although doctors tend to support legalization as a public policy, results are mixed when asked whether they would personally participate in assisting a patient.
Charlton: Katie Chandler**, Medical Office; Lisa O'Brien**, Associate in Science in Medical Assisting
Fell was recognized not only for her continuing service to ADAA and the dental assisting profession through the years, but for recent activities including presentations to the State Board of Dentists and Dental Hygienists that resulted in the acceptance of a new pathway of radiation safety certification for dental assistants; for her work toward developing an Associates degree recognizing a dental assistant education curriculum; and for her work with Ogden and Weber, UT, schools in presenting oral hygiene instruction and training those who will present instructions.
That's what my whole life has been, assisting others.
com(TM) pharmacy allows us to focus on our core mission of assisting patients in need," said Norma Roberts president of ASC Medication Assist.
The upgrade includes a whole array of powerful new features for assisting VisualAge for Java developers in making the transition to IBM's new WebSphere Studio Development Environments (Eclipse).
By using this flexible program, assisted living providers learn the essentials of drug monitoring and storage, gain awareness of drug interactions and side effects, and learn the purpose and use of medications and the techniques of assisting with medications," said Wayne.
The addition of computer control and laser assisting hatching should improve IVF pregnancy success rates.