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assist (one) at

To help another person with something, usually in a medical setting. Who is going to assist me at the laparotomy this morning?
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assist in

To help with something. A person's name or a pronoun can be used between "assist" and "in." Who wants to assist me in this endeavor? My boss wants me to assist in this project, so here I am!
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assist with

To help with something. A person's name or a pronoun can be used between "assist" and "with." Who wants to assist me with this endeavor? My boss wants me to assist with this project, so here I am!
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assist in something

to help with something. May I assist in this? Please assist in this task.
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assist (someone) at something

to serve as a helper or assistant in some procedure. (This usually refers to a surgical procedure.) Will you assist at surgery this morning? I would be happy to assist you at the procedure.
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assist someone in something

to help a particular person working on a task. Please assist Greg in the committee's assignment. We assisted him in the whole procedure.
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assist someone with someone or something

to help someone manage someone or something, especially with lifting or physical management. Assist me with Jane, won't you? Will you assist me with this heavy box? Sally assisted herself with the math problem. She did it on her own.
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McFarland Villa Assisted Living is a 35-unit assisted living facility in McFarland; Racine Commons Assisted Living is a 74-unit assisted living facility in Racine;Riverview Village Senior Living is a 44-unit assisted living facility in Menomonee Falls and The Shores of Sheboygan Assisted Living is a 67-unit assisted living facility in Sheboygan.
While consumers need to take some personal responsibility for planning to meet their own long-term care needs, policy makers and elected officials share in the responsibility to make sure assisted living remains affordable.
These acquisitions, added to Five Star's portfolio of 160 communities that it owns, leases or operates, gives the company greater strategic presence in the assisted living category.
Oregon, a state which legalized assisted suicide, made changes to its Medicaid policy so that the state will prioritize payment for physician-assisted suicide since federal laws prohibit funding.
We built our first two assisted living developments in Westchester County and Connecticut, respectively.
Justice Stephen Breyer, in particular, revealed a shocking naivete, writing that it is unnecessary to protect dying patients from state laws banning assisted suicide because "there is no dispute that dying patients in Washington and New York can obtain palliative care, even when doing so would hasten their deaths.
Shavelson argues that if assisted suicide were legalized, there wouldn't be any "Sarahs" out there rushing to help people commit suicide.
Recently, for example, Malcolm [Mac] Kennedy, an assisted living developer and former president of the National Association of HomeBuilders' Seniors Housing Council, opened an independent living community in Newark, Ohio, that uses many universal design features.
However, decreases in permanent debt delinquencies for assisted living and skilled nursing are always positive news.
This year's survey does a superior job of distinguishing between the various property types and for the first time examines the performance of larger versus smaller assisted living residences.
In fact, legalizing assisted suicide ultimately would turn the ``right to die'' into a ``duty to die,'' especially for people with disabilities and serious chronic illnesses like MS.
Circuit Court districts, challenging the constitutionality of laws criminalizing assisted suicide.
To many in the assisted living industry, state legislative sessions in the first half of 2004 have seemed fairly uneventful.
Founded in 1990, the Assisted Living Federation of America emerged from a desire shared among assisted living providers for industry-specific advocacy and support.