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come to (one's) assistance

To help one. Because Nancy is a senior member of the team, I really appreciated her coming to my assistance. When that case had me stumped, I asked another detective to come to my assistance.
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come to someone's assistance

to arrive and provide assistance to someone. A kindly truck driver came to our assistance, and we were able to call for help. I hope someone will come to my assistance soon.
See also: assistance, come
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WaMu offers potential home buyers deferred payment or low-interest loans, down payment and mortgage assistance, and shared appreciation mortgages.
It had been offering up to $10,000 in downpayment assistance.
Many of the functional area specialists and operational personnel on the CSTC-A staff were reluctant to use a Gantt chart approach to security assistance program planning.
The programs offer job-search assistance and related services.
First, when a homebuyer receives assistance from such a group, many nonprofits require the property sellers to make a payment to the nonprofit that equals the amount of assistance the homebuyer receives, plus a service fee, after the closing.
Who would be better in providing assistance to low-income taxpayers than a CPA, especially one with tax expertise?
Security Assistance Policy Division (SAF/IAPX), led by Ms.
The World Trade Center Business Assistance grant programs for small businesses include the WTC Business Recovery Grant (BRG) and the Small Firm Attraction and Retention Grant (SFARG).
When a report shows numerous calls for assistance, our discussion about need is based on fact, not conjecture.
Five organizations signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on January 21, 2000, to create the South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program (SCLEAP).
A key task of the World Institute on Disability's Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Personal Assistance Services (RRTCPAS) is to monitor these and other policy changes in the PAS system.
As President of Tax Executives Institute (TEI), I am writing to commend the Senate Finance Committee and you for including extensions of both the research tax credit and employer provided educational assistance income exclusion in the Small Business Protection Act of 1996 (H.
The first SAS to address compliance auditing of government financial assistance recipients, SAS no.
Those contacted were also told that they could request assistance in completing the questionnaires from project staff.
Fuchs makes use of the records of La Maternite, the major public maternity hospital in Paris, and those of the Public Assistance, as well as other archival materials, to plot a demographic profile of her subjects and their contacts with private and public institutions from late in their pregnancy through birth (or abortion/infanticide) and the first years of motherhood.
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