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come to (one's) assistance

To help one. Because Nancy is a senior member of the team, I really appreciated her coming to my assistance. When that case had me stumped, I asked another detective to come to my assistance.
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come to someone's assistance

to arrive and provide assistance to someone. A kindly truck driver came to our assistance, and we were able to call for help. I hope someone will come to my assistance soon.
See also: assistance, come
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In addition to the ODC academic assistance, LTC Scott Denney, ODC Chief, opened and closed both classes.
The taxpayer further contended that the branching rights had an FMV basis because they were FSLIC-provided Federal financial assistance under Sec.
This is the type of grant awarded directly to BCI by the Bureau of Justice Assistance for the joint task force.
There are many channels for assistance that are sometimes not known to our customers who need some help, said Beulah Rogers, Entergy Mississippi customer service assistant in McComb.
Many home buyers like Maddrey are finding they qualify for down payment or mortgage assistance.
Large-scale security assistance programs are subject to constant and justifiable scrutiny and oversight from DoD security assistance program organizations, Services, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Office of Management and Budget, and interagency stakeholders.
From hospital bedside to leaving the base for the last time, the DAV is offering our expert assistance to every returning service member.
The GAO study, Mortgage Financing: Additional Action Needed to Manage Risks of FHA-Insured Loans With Down Payment Assistance, also found that loans from seller-funded nonprofit groups do not perform as well as loans with assistance from other sources.
Nonprofit organizations that received at least part of their funding from sellers provided assistance for about 30 percent of these loans and represent a growing source of down payment assistance.
This analysis uses a measure of poverty that counts food, housing and energy assistance benefits as income, and subtracts income and payroll taxes.
For example, during most of the 1990s, the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Materiel) maintained oversight for the management and execution of the Military Assistance Program (MAP), while within the Air Staff, the Deputy Chief of Staff (Materiel) had an Assistant for Mutual Security.
Gargano announced the launch of the World Trade Center Business Assistance Report.
Over time, their need for medical services or assistance with activities of daily living might increase, but rather than move to another portion of our campus, clients make their desire very clear: They want us to bring the service to them.
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