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assimilate (oneself/someone/something) into

To blend into; to merge with. Can you please help assimilate our new student into the class? I've assimilated your suggestions into the existing curriculum. Do you think Sam will be able to assimilate himself into the group? He can be pretty standoffish.
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assimilate with

To blend harmoniously into a group of people. Do you think he will be able to assimilate with his new class? He can be pretty standoffish. My sister is really outgoing, so she has no trouble assimilating with new people.
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assimilate someone or something into something

to cause someone or something to be absorbed into something. (As when a person or thing joins a group.) We sought to assimilate Arnold into the community. The manager had to assimilate the new policies into the list of current ones. They assimilated themselves into the general population.
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assimilate with some people

to join or mix in with people and become accepted by them. It's easy for Karen to assimilate with new people. I want to assimilate rapidly with the other people in my class.
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Black nationalist scholars have often criticized African-American leaders, such as those at the heart of Rael's study, for assimilating into mainstream white culture and not developing a broad based critique of liberal-capitalist values.
If half your juice is wasted assimilating immigrants, as it is in New York, or fighting irregular attendance, as it is in the rural sections of the East, or mopping up the swamps of illiteracy, as it is in the South, you are not going to have much of a school system.
West and East Germans succeeded, in different ways, in integrating them economically into newly evolving societies and in assimilating them or their children economically, socially, and politically over the long run.
For example, across the ideological spectrum, they all invoke some external, impersonal assimilating agent.
The ratings also consider the weaker retail environment and risks associated with expanding its store base as well as assimilating its recent acquisitions.
But by all indications, Hispanics, who comprise the vast majority of immigrants these days, are assimilating more quickly and learning English faster than previous immigrant groups.
The rating also considers the weaker retail environment and risks associated with expanding its store base as well as assimilating its recent acquisitions.
Successfully assimilating newcomers has been the eternal struggle of this nation.
Based in the UK, Heat began in March 2000 and is the first known company to have developed patented software that assists the process of reading and assimilating information by allowing users to navigate to precisely the information they need within a chosen document.
Census data and more recent population surveys, the survey challenges notions that Latino and Asian immigrants are somehow different and aren't assimilating.
Olli Voutilainen, Chairman of the Board of Corenso (UK) Ltd, will be Managing Director during the transitional period with overall responsibility for assimilating Centacor's operations into the Corenso group.
A soulless bunch of semi-computerized drones who wander the galaxy assimilating all in their path - that is, turning every organic life form they can grab into one of their wired-up legion.
The United States has a long history of immigrants assimilating and making a conscious decision not to teach the native tongue to their children.
Although there are risks of successfully assimilating an acquisition or joint-venture arrangement, QBE has a demonstrated history of successfully acquiring and integrating operations, and in this instance, has the benefit of strong market knowledge, experienced technical skills, and full management control.