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assimilate (oneself/someone/something) into

To blend into; to merge with. Can you please help assimilate our new student into the class? I've assimilated your suggestions into the existing curriculum. Do you think Sam will be able to assimilate himself into the group? He can be pretty standoffish.
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assimilate with

To blend harmoniously into a group of people. Do you think he will be able to assimilate with his new class? He can be pretty standoffish. My sister is really outgoing, so she has no trouble assimilating with new people.
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assimilate someone or something into something

to cause someone or something to be absorbed into something. (As when a person or thing joins a group.) We sought to assimilate Arnold into the community. The manager had to assimilate the new policies into the list of current ones. They assimilated themselves into the general population.
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assimilate with some people

to join or mix in with people and become accepted by them. It's easy for Karen to assimilate with new people. I want to assimilate rapidly with the other people in my class.
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In the current study, which involves two of these species, we ask the following questions: (1) What are the sources of assimilates of each species when it is found alone or together with the other species?
The shoots with the labeled leaves remained in situ for a further 48 h for natural translocation of assimilates.
Sink strength does not reflect the actual quantity of assimilates incorporated in the gall, since it is a ratio of specific radioactivities.
The galled leaflet is a very important source of assimilates for both species.
Spherical galls induce strong sinks for assimilates from their leaflet [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
We plotted PL (the proportion of total assimilates located in the gall) for each species when alone and when cohabiting with the other.
The proportion of assimilates drawn into the spherical gall from distal leaflets tended to be higher in cohabiting than in solitary galls (5 of 7 bivariate means above the diagonal in [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6 OMITTED]), although only two of the differences were significant statistically.
There fore we can conclude that remobilization and translocation of assimilates have main role in the Grain yield.
Condition cultivars Seri 82, Andalu, Alamout, azar 2 and Soltan 95 had the high efficiency of stem in Trans location of stem presto red assimilates to the grain.
No effects of some indexes can be for the reason of decreasing of potential storing of assimilates Resulted in the source restriction and decreasing of plant density and finally increasing grain weight of each plant under the stressful condition.
Outbreak of some diseases such as rust which this disease cause the reduction of current photosynthesis efficiency--in the humidity environment also such diseases can intervened and compensated the drought effects: Existence among the genotypes from the point of traits related to the Retrains location selection of genotypes provide with high capacity, which in this way, cultivars Seri 82 azar 2, Fengkang, Alamout, Trakia, soltan95, and Andalu had high potential at transition photosynthetic assimilates from stem to grain, it is necessary to mention that some cultivars as Soltan 95 and Bezostaya.
Table 1: mean squares in the compound analyses related to the translocation of stem assimilates to the seed.