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assimilate (oneself/someone/something) into

To blend into; to merge with. Can you please help assimilate our new student into the class? I've assimilated your suggestions into the existing curriculum. Do you think Sam will be able to assimilate himself into the group? He can be pretty standoffish.
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assimilate with

To blend harmoniously into a group of people. Do you think he will be able to assimilate with his new class? He can be pretty standoffish. My sister is really outgoing, so she has no trouble assimilating with new people.
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assimilate someone or something into something

to cause someone or something to be absorbed into something. (As when a person or thing joins a group.) We sought to assimilate Arnold into the community. The manager had to assimilate the new policies into the list of current ones. They assimilated themselves into the general population.
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assimilate with some people

to join or mix in with people and become accepted by them. It's easy for Karen to assimilate with new people. I want to assimilate rapidly with the other people in my class.
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Even when obtained from lean food sources, the problem with excess protein consumption is that the surplus cannot be stored or assimilated.
Worse, as the first groups assimilated, they rejected those who came after them.
that they were assimilated in the accusative -- and not assimilated in the dative.
In his opinion, people who have assimilated completely are usually successful but they are not fully part of the minority ethnic groups.
Sweeping services, collection and transportation to the disposal of municipal solid waste and undifferentiated, including those assimilated, and other public health services within dell'A.
According to the professional groups, the basic and allied engineering professions assimilated the largest number of expatriate workers till the end of June 2015.
Core" nations are those plugged into the UN-administered system of "global governance"; "gap" nations are those yet to be assimilated.
Yancey draws from the work of Milton Gordon and his theorizations of structural, marital, civic, and identificational assimilation to explore how readily minority groups can become assimilated into the dominant society, identify with majority group status, and adopt social attitudes that benefit dominant group members.
Instead, farm people assimilated these technologies into existing social patterns, which expanded to some extent" (p.
Trow's book documents the collapse of a dominant class; Harris' is an unsentimental eulogy for a vanishing ethnicity, one that's been assimilated into commercial culture at the expense of its defining characteristics.
Usually, acculturated people are assimilated, but again, not always.
Contract notice: Sweeping services, collection, transport, recovery and disposal of municipal waste and assimilated waste in the form - city of dinami (vv) cig 64693661b6.