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assign (something) to

To designate someone as responsible for doing something, or as responsible for having done something. Oh, I already assigned that project to Nicole. Since I was driving when we got into the accident, they assigned the blame to me.
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assign someone or something to someone or something

to designate someone or something as belonging to someone or something else. They assigned the new car to Roger. They assigned the new worker to the mail room.
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assign something to someone

to attribute something to someone; to blame something on someone. We were forced to assign the blame to Robert. They assigned the responsibility for the accident to the driver of the car.
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Once this baseline is established, as well as a con-elation with downstream quality problems, a Six Sigma team (representing different areas of manufacturing, compounding and laboratory testing) brainstorms on possible assignable causes of this variation.
2) There are two assignable causes, say assignable cause 1 and assignable cause 2, which influence the process parameters.
Electronic (analog or digital) and keyboard entry of data and assignable causes is provided.
The court based this holding on its determination that the rights to the proceeds of the letter of credit were assignable under state law, even though the letter was nontransferable.
A process is out of control when it is influenced by assignable causes.
Also, MDR dynamic properties can be use in a production sensing for diagnostics of assignable caustatics of variation.
Any expense not directly assignable to a segment (even though an allocation formula seems rational) should be excluded from the analysis.
Evans and Lindsay[4] introduced an expert system which may assist in determining assignable cause and suggesting corrective actions, based on the patterns in terms of process changes.
Basically, this means the batches currently in production are running as usual, with no assignable causes of variation affecting the quality.
The members of the Election Committee shall not be entitled to any remuneration, however costs assignable to the work of the Election Committee, shall be borne by the Company after the resolution by the Election Committee.
Canon's eDrive features provide users with unique capabilities in motion control repeatability for portable, field, and studio production with features that include: three Canon ultra high-precision, microprocessor-driven digital servos with miniature 16-bit optical encoders to control iris, zoom, and focus; assignable "soft" function buttons, including the rocker switch; ten user-definable function profiles; choice of manual, digitally assisted, and fully programmed control; and instant Shuttle Shot to the longest focal length for quick check of focus and exposure.
The AVR-5805 is the world's first A/V receiver that provides a fully configurable multi-zone audio/video distribution solution with 22 channels of output and 10 fully assignable amplifiers that can be configured in a numerous array of options including dual 7.
Enhanced Stacking allows workplace professionals to project space needs by assignable square feet, head count or usable square feet to more quickly create accurate space forecasts.
Touchpaper's Assignable Action Tracks allow the university to set up workflow processes within the help desk incident management system and assign tasks within the workflow to different people.
This upgraded version of Nero's Linux OS solution for CD/DVD Burning features Layer-Jump Recording (LJR), DVD-Video and miniDVD mastering, user interface improvements like selectable ISO track recording options and assignable sounds that alert the user to the burn process results.