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assign (something) to

To designate someone as responsible for doing something, or as responsible for having done something. Oh, I already assigned that project to Nicole. Since I was driving when we got into the accident, they assigned the blame to me.
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assign someone or something to someone or something

to designate someone or something as belonging to someone or something else. They assigned the new car to Roger. They assigned the new worker to the mail room.
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assign something to someone

to attribute something to someone; to blame something on someone. We were forced to assign the blame to Robert. They assigned the responsibility for the accident to the driver of the car.
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(83) In this light, assignment and assignability is simply a permission option under the terms of the contract, one perhaps of many options permitted thereunder.
Let that be a little tease because this article focuses on the assignability of intellectual property licenses!
McChesney's assertion that forced inducer-promisee negotiation yields lower transaction costs seems mistaken when assignability is unclear, such as in the case of personal service contracts.
Model Act of Champerty, Section 6: (a) This Act shall have no effect on the judicial analysis of the assignability of chose in action.
Because the transferor will often acquire an applicable retained interest initially held by an applicable family member and because of the administrative complexity inherent in allowing assignability, a reduction in taxable gifts for applicable family members is not proposed.
3d at 1023-24 (noting that "assignability would encourage commercialization of claims" which, in turn, would "promote champerty").
As it were, the assignability of thought, psychism and abstraction outside the human finds a necessary accompaniment in a heightened expression of solicitude for others.
power (and to a lesser extent, the issue of assignability) can provide
Look out for assignability provisions that may require you to work for a new boss.
DiMateo, Depersonalization of Personal Service Contracts: The Search for a Modern Approach to Assignability, 27 AKRON L.
have considered assignability or capability of subjection of levy to be
For non-exclusive licenses, the default rule is that assignability is conditional on the consent of the licensor and the same is true for exclusive patents and trademarks licenses.