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assign (something) to

To designate someone as responsible for doing something, or as responsible for having done something. Oh, I already assigned that project to Nicole. Since I was driving when we got into the accident, they assigned the blame to me.
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assign someone or something to someone or something

to designate someone or something as belonging to someone or something else. They assigned the new car to Roger. They assigned the new worker to the mail room.
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assign something to someone

to attribute something to someone; to blame something on someone. We were forced to assign the blame to Robert. They assigned the responsibility for the accident to the driver of the car.
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Our theory explains why bundled assignability can be an efficient economic configuration.
294) In England and the United States, however, assignability was the
Courts will set aside the common law and adopt rules of favoring assignability, but typically not when the assignment is based on collusion, i.
Thus, while the assignability of Cinque's (1993) sentence accent enables a focus projection that can include all constituents containing the main stress of the sentence (cf.
One owner was innovative in arguing that the lease contained a, implied covenant against assignability, but that argument fell on deaf ears.
1982) ("[T]he tendency of modern jurisprudence strongly favors the assignability and the survivability of things in action.
policy of promoting the assignability of mineral leases); id.
In the absence of contrary provisions in such governing documents, the statutory prohibitions on the assignability of an LLC interest, the admission of new members, and the management of LLC business and affairs should also apply.
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What is at issue in this growing controversy are the marketability and assignability restrictions of lottery payouts.
13) See IRS Letter Ruling 8435154 (6/1/84) (an insurance company requested a ruling on the assignability, of periodic payments outside the scope of Sec.
For example, a 'property style' approach lends the rights protected to the 'traditional consequential effects' of a property classification, such as assignability and descendibility: van Caenegem, 'Different Approaches', above n 6, 455,456, 458.
dealt with the assignability of copyright licenses in a Chapter 11 where the debtor is the licensee and the nondebtor licensor objects to the assignment.
To permit a "defense that assignability was uncertain would encourage Inducers to take now and pay later, then resort to courts to avoid liability for failing to negotiate.