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assign (something) to

To designate someone as responsible for doing something, or as responsible for having done something. Oh, I already assigned that project to Nicole. Since I was driving when we got into the accident, they assigned the blame to me.
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assign someone or something to someone or something

to designate someone or something as belonging to someone or something else. They assigned the new car to Roger. They assigned the new worker to the mail room.
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assign something to someone

to attribute something to someone; to blame something on someone. We were forced to assign the blame to Robert. They assigned the responsibility for the accident to the driver of the car.
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In the following we present estimates of the error in the assigned MESF values if the conditions that are necessary for rigorous (ideal) application of the MESF concept are not met.
"In 2017, a total of 801,718 companies and private individuals assigned Pound 63 million from corporate and income taxes for 2016 tax year to NGOs under the assignation scheme.
All issues in safety can be assigned to one of 8 cornerstones for management purposes.
In a few cases, a variant was assigned to a particular family even though the amino acid identity was slightly less than 80%, compared to the family prototype.
SRM 2387 also addresses the need for a reference material with values assigned for aflatoxins.
These cases show that a landlord should proceed cautiously when confronted by a tenant with a request to assign or sublet.
Each DRG is assigned based upon ICD 9-CM diagnostic and/or procedural codes.
At the beginning of the period, cost is assigned to Fabricating and Assembly from Maintenance as part of the budget process.
Most RMS products then assign retention periods to records from the retention module; list records whose retention period has expired; place holds on records subject to litigation, government investigations, and audit; and document which records have been destroyed.
Be extra cautious when more than one nurse is assigned to give medications to the same group of residents (realizing that the staff nurse may have a routine that does not include others giving medications to her assigned residents).
It also specifies how DLA will assign liaisons and planners to work with EUCOM.
Rather than assign additional readings in critical theory, thereby adding to the already heavy reading load and detracting from our focus on literature, I gave a brief presentation on the assumptions and strategies of various critical approaches.
It identified several factors to support its conclusion, including (1) the employee was not "hired to invent"; (2) the employee received the royalty payments separate from his salary; (3) the employee and employer executed written agreements to assign the patent rights and to agree on the royalties; (4) royalty payments would continue beyond the employment relationship for the patent's life; (5) the royalty payments were connected to the transfer of the rights to the invention, rather than compensation for services; and (6) the payments received by the employee depended on the use or value of the licensing of the patent, which varied substantially each year.
For example, an application requiring high performance and high throughput--such as ecommerce--would assign its VFSs to storage pools comprised of low latency drives, and have a reasonably small number of drives in the RAID set for best performance.
To simplify database entries, the CDC database manager assigned consecutive arbitrary 4-digit designations to the octal designations.