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1. n. the opening at the lower end of the large bowel; the anus. (Usually objectionable.) I was so mad I could have kicked him in the asshole.
2. n. a worthless and annoying person. (Also a term of address. Rude and derogatory.) Somebody get this asshole outa here before I bust in his face!

bouquet of assholes

n. an annoying or disgusting person or thing. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t pay any attention to him. He’s just another one of the bouquet of assholes you find around here.
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tear someone a new asshole

and tear someone a new one
to chastise someone severely. (Usually objectionable.) The colonel glared at him and threatened to tear him a new asshole. If you don’t get it right this time, I’ll tear you a new one!
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He provides a definition of a workplace asshole that involves two tests:
La cazzaria attempts to inscribe sodomy as a discourse of mastery in a Republic of Assholes and Cunts ruled by an oligarchy of Cocks.
You'd think that dealing with drunk assholes would be their forte.
Your average garden-variety love story may throw in a third party to stretch the tension--once upon a time it was the fiance, now it's the live-in lover--but these people are inevitably revealed for the boring assholes they are and sent packing.
Everything was awesome--until three jock assholes showed up for no reason at all and beat the crap out of me and took my board.
Let's face it, most guys are assholes," says Mutchnick with the knowingness of a bloodied veteran of the gay dating wars.
Such "re-directing jobs," as Waters calls them, are not interested in narrative per se, although the punch-line structure demonstrated in the title of his curtain piece, 12 Assholes and a Dirty Foot ("the last taboo in porn") is deployed throughout in manners ranging from the punning 7 Marys to fifteen Peyton Place picture-postcard landscapes - cutaways, according to the artist, from unshowable sex acts - that culminate in a snapshot of author Grace Metalious' tombstone.
Later that night Big Vinnie and the Cattle Thieves played loud and sloppy as the beer soaked the floor and the assholes falling down tried to slam dance.
But why be one of those world-historical assholes who always dismiss novelty?
There's an old saying that if you meet three or more assholes in a day chances are you're the asshole.
Recurring motifs that seem to be borrowed from mass imagery are actually Fabo's own, such as a feminine profile that could have been a '50s product logo for tampons, or the series of decorative whorls that the artist says are assholes.
I had to be back there all the time, dicking with the equipment, and they were just raging rock star assholes.
Right now you're probably thinking we are a couple of sweatshop protesting, anti-Wal-Mart, tree hugging assholes who spend all of our free time at poetry readings and protesting Nike.
I ALWAYS LIKE BANDS even more when the people in them aren't assholes.