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1. n. the opening at the lower end of the large bowel; the anus. (Usually objectionable.) I was so mad I could have kicked him in the asshole.
2. n. a worthless and annoying person. (Also a term of address. Rude and derogatory.) Somebody get this asshole outa here before I bust in his face!

bouquet of assholes

n. an annoying or disgusting person or thing. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t pay any attention to him. He’s just another one of the bouquet of assholes you find around here.
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tear someone a new asshole

and tear someone a new one
to chastise someone severely. (Usually objectionable.) The colonel glared at him and threatened to tear him a new asshole. If you don’t get it right this time, I’ll tear you a new one!
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The No Asshole Rule should be required reading for HR people and for managers with hiring responsibility.
Similarly, as Shona Brown, Google senior vice president for business operations, explains it: Google acts on its 'don't be evil' motto by making Google a place where it simply isn't efficient to act like an asshole.
From the torn asshole of Brother Paolino, to the "wounds" inflicted on the rebellious Cunts, phallic pleasure in La cazzaria is marked with a trail of blood.
What is striking about works such as Asshole Mural is the way in which those radical politics articulate themselves along aesthetic lines.
Attached to it was Mascis, wearing a bad trucker hat and a look of indifference so powerful it could quake the steel bowels of an indie rock asshole Voltron.
Look, of course the asshole parts are the ones that people remember.
b) 'We weren't unlucky, she was ridden by an asshole who didn't follow instructions.
I could never stand The Nutty Professor; the only film of his I've ever enjoyed is The King of Comedy and that's partly because he plays a balls-out asshole, or perhaps he's not "playing at all," which is part of what makes that film so riveting.
One said: "I have no conscience about my husband, he's a real asshole and makes my life hell, but I feel bad about the others.
Steiner exploded and replied: 'You asshole - that's outrageous.
When deep down within your soul you know damn well the other guy is right, call him an asshole.
Repeat after me: "This asshole does not represent us.
Park skaters never have to deal with asshole drivers trying to play chicken with them.
where he hides himself away--his sanctuary Asshole Alley where