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assert (oneself)

To display self-confidence and strength of conviction, typically in the pursuit of something. Melanie is always so timid—I'm shocked she was able to assert herself to the boss today. You need to assert yourself and tell her how you really feel!
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assert oneself

To act boldly or forcefully, especially in defending one's rights or stating an opinion.
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The defendant, in effect, is "asserting that he must be recognized as a private attorney general, protecting the Fourth Amendment rights of the public at large," explains Columbia University Professor of Constitutional Law Henry Monaghan.
After accepting the payment, Gallagher wrote a column asserting, "The Bush marriage initiative would emphasize the importance of marriage to poor couples" and "educate teens on the value of delaying childbearing until marriage."
The Service disallowed the losses, asserting that the loans from Oren to HL did not create debt under Sec.
According to the court, in order to be constitutional, the provision was required to afford prisoners with three prior convictions who were asserting a fundamental constitutional right, the same opportunity to proceed in farina pauperis as was available to other in forma pauperis prisoners.
The tenant moved to dismiss, asserting that the notice of termination needed to be served in the same manner as the petition.
As a rule, police executives have been lax in asserting their primacy in this regard.
In one especially embarrassing incident, a group of 10 African-American employees filed suit against the Coalition, asserting they were forced to enter the office through a back door and eat in a segregated lunchroom.
The IRS cannot be put in a better position due to its dilatory conduct, by asserting a tax liability on the donees without a corresponding deduction for the probate court-ordered reimbursement of the gift tax paid by the donees.
In particular, there are a couple of recent cases expressly relying upon the no-offsets clause as a basis for granting summary judgment to a landlord on a claim for rent, notwithstanding the tenant's defenses and counterclaims asserting alleged breaches of the lease by a landlord.
Over at, the Virginia TV preacher posted a bulletin asserting that his enemies were claiming that President George W.
A former county jail inmate, a double amputee without legs from a point below his knees, brought a civil rights action against jail officials asserting asserting claims under the Eighth Amendment.
A taxpayer should not have to speculate about the Service's reasons for asserting that he owes more tax,just as the IRS should not have to guess at the taxpayer's reasons for asserting that he does not.
Duplicity" and asserting that he is "worse than [John] Kerry."
While this case dealt with the Due Process Clause and not the Commerce Clause, some states may try to rely on this type of case as authority for asserting their taxing jurisdiction over foreign businesses.
Early media reports distilled the decisions by asserting that the high court had banned Commandments displays inside courthouses but allowed them outside.