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assert (one)self

To display self-confidence and strength of conviction, typically in the pursuit of something. Melanie is always so timid—I'm shocked she was able to assert herself to the boss today. You need to assert yourself and tell her how you really feel!
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assert oneself

To act boldly or forcefully, especially in defending one's rights or stating an opinion.
See also: assert
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Lawyers watching the case said the abandonment of the mental defect argument seemed likely to leave the defense lawyers simply asserting a ``reasonable doubt'' defense, in which the defense is left to merely point out that the government must prove every assertion beyond a reasonable doubt.
Duplicity" and asserting that he is "worse than [John] Kerry.
While this case dealt with the Due Process Clause and not the Commerce Clause, some states may try to rely on this type of case as authority for asserting their taxing jurisdiction over foreign businesses.
Republican leaders in the House rallied around their leader Saturday, asserting Gingrich's sins were technical and relatively minor.
The tenant moved to dismiss, asserting that the notice of termination needed to be served in the same manner as the petition.
Harvard Battery would have preferred to reach a business resolution to these issues, but Symbol Technologies is asserting rights it does not have and making unreasonable demands on our company," said Andrew Samson, President of Harvard Battery.
Early media reports distilled the decisions by asserting that the high court had banned Commandments displays inside courthouses but allowed them outside.
In particular, there are a couple of recent cases expressly relying upon the no-offsets clause as a basis for granting summary judgment to a landlord on a claim for rent, notwithstanding the tenant's defenses and counterclaims asserting alleged breaches of the lease by a landlord.
IRM (20)(11)34(3) provides that, in addition to asserting a Sec.
However, in our case, Fairchild is asserting a patent that pre-dates Power Integrations' patents by at least fifteen months," said Tom Beaver, Fairchild's executive vice president for Worldwide Sales and Marketing.
Asserting that "90 percent of the people believe in the Ten Commandments, and I'll bet you 85 percent of them couldn't tell you what the 10 are," the combative justice insisted that government display of the Decalogue is simply no big deal.
one effective means is a transfer of money or other property beyond the taxpayer's control to an escrowee or trustee pursuant to a written agreement (among the escrowee or trustee, the taxpayer and the person who is asserting the liability) that the money or other property be delivered in accordance with the settlement of the contest.
Horizon") asserting claims for indemnification under the Share Purchase Agreement (the "SPA") entered into in respect of the sale of substantially all of Canbras' operations to Horizon in December 2003 (the "Sale Transaction").
Over the summer, Falwell released a document written by one of his attorneys, Mat Stayer, asserting that the IRS has no teeth and rarely enforces the "no politicking" rule on churches.
It is not necessary to have a formal lawsuit, only an affirmative act, whether in writing or not, denying the liability's validity and/or correctness to the person asserting the liability.