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assert (oneself)

To display self-confidence and strength of conviction, typically in the pursuit of something. Melanie is always so timid—I'm shocked she was able to assert herself to the boss today. You need to assert yourself and tell her how you really feel!
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assert oneself

To act boldly or forcefully, especially in defending one's rights or stating an opinion.
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But this God is completely other than the God asserted by Christianity, which is supernatural rather than nature itself, known through faith, not science.
On appeal, the plaintiff asserted, among other things, that the officer's action in firing at the vehicle violated the department's policy which explicitly prohibited shooting at moving vehicles and using deadly force to apprehend suspected misdemeanants.
Throughout history, women asserted this right, or, as Lerner puts it, sought "authorization," by several means.
* State the penalty generally will not be asserted by the service against charitable organizations and volunteers.
(2) New section 554(c) seeks to remedy this situation by according taxpayers a statutory right not to have the penalty asserted where the reasonable cause and good faith standards are satisfied.
The USPTO determined that all claims of the '608 patent that have been asserted against Edwards are invalid.
In the case of an individual against whom a deficiency has been asserted and who elects to have subsection (b) or (c) apply--
If we can revisit the past, asserted Godel, then it never really passed.
So, on October 28, Haasis wrote to CS8 director Charles Hoots, asserting: "[I]n respect to my teammates, and past and present football players of the Central State Eight, it is my hope that this pass is omitted from any conference records." He would, he asserted, "like to preserve the integrity and sportsmanship of a great conference for future athletes." Admitting that he "would like to have passed the record, as I think most high school quarterbacks would," he also pointed out that compiling his legitimate 4,969 yards "required a lot of cooperation and hard work from my teammates.
In a period when radicals on the coast were denouncing the landlordism of the highlands, Cuzco elites asserted that they were blameless; the abuses came from newcomers (gamonales) who administered the lands (and the Indian peons on them) in immoral ways.
"One of our major priorities is to upgrade and expand the Nevele's meeting rooms and conference center facilities in order to attract corporate clients that want the best of both worlds - business meetings in a beautiful country setting with first class golf and recreational facilities just 90 miles from New York," asserted the Nevele's new owner, Joel S.
For some time now historians of women have asserted that the public and private spheres of European society were connected in important ways.
Although it is often asserted that King derived his concept of nonviolence from Mahandas Gandhi, Moses convincingly demonstrates that King adapted this notion to the African American experience by also drawing upon the works of Frederick Douglas, W.