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assert (oneself)

To display self-confidence and strength of conviction, typically in the pursuit of something. Melanie is always so timid—I'm shocked she was able to assert herself to the boss today. You need to assert yourself and tell her how you really feel!
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assert oneself

To act boldly or forcefully, especially in defending one's rights or stating an opinion.
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We have long been suggesting ways for our country to assert our rights on the WPS but they fell on deaf ears,' Zarate said.
In the ASSERT patients with no atrial fibrillation history, 35% of all strokes or systemic emboli were preceded by at least one episode of device-detected AHRE.
In a friend-of-the-court brief, Moore's group asserts that the provision in the First Amendment barring laws "respecting an establishment of religion" protects no individual rights--a position that has been adopted by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
A common set of circumstances where long-arm jurisdiction is asserted would involve an out-of-state company that transacts business and a dispute arises from that transaction.
And yet, despite all the biblical evidence to the contrary, God is asserted by Christian teaching to be morally perfect, just, and merciful.
Freland,(8) the plaintiff asserted that the defendant police officer used deadly force in direct violation of the department's policy.
TEI acknowledges that only minimal contact with a jurisdiction is required by the Due Process Clause before a State can assert its taxing power over a business; the Commerce Clause however, requires "substantial nexus" -- and it is TEI's firm belief that this more stringent standard is not satisfied by the mere issuance of a software license to a resident of a particular jurisdiction.
Throughout history, women asserted this right, or, as Lerner puts it, sought "authorization," by several means.
Though they are descriptive they seem to assert at the same time a certain spiritual condition.
* Make clear the IRS will not assert the penalty against a non-owner employee with only administrative authority (such as a bookkeeper who is not an owner or an employee who signs checks but does not have discretionary authority to do so).
'We should assert our sovereignty, not by waging a war against China,' Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon said on Sunday as he urged the Senate to take a stand on the invasion of Philippine territories amid China's military activities in South China Sea.
The founders of the field, many of whom were second and third generation Asian Americans, initially sought to assert the Americanness of their subjects in order to counter the tendency of nativist movements and even academic institutions to view Asians in the United States as representatives of their Asian ancestral lands.
United States.(35) In Davis, the Court ruled that a suspect must make an unequivocal request for a lawyer in order to effectively assert his Miranda right to counsel, despite the government's burden of proving the suspect made a knowing, intelligent, and voluntary waiver of his Miranda rights.
In addition, in its administrative recommendations to the IRS, Congress enjoined the IRS to change its approach in applying the penalty provisions: "In the application of penalties, the IRS should make a correct substantive decision in the first instance rather than mechanically assert penalties with the idea they will be] corrected later." House Report at 1405.