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assent to

To agree to something. The union has finally assented to the new contract.
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I guess

I suppose; sure. Often used as an affirmative answer when one is not completely certain or does not want to fully commit. Bob: "You look a little down today. Everything alright?" Mary: "I guess. I've just been feeling vaguely melancholy lately." A: "It's supposed to be sunny today, right?" B: "I guess. I haven't checked the weather."
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assent to something

to agree to something. I assent to what you suggest. She will not assent to our request.
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I guess

 and I expect; I suppose; I suspect 
1. a phrase that introduces a supposition. (Frequently, in speech, suppose is reduced to 'spose, and expect and suspect are reduced to 'spect. The apostrophe is not always shown.) Bob: I guess it's going to rain. Bill: Oh, I don't know. Maybe so, maybe not. Alice: I expect you'll be wanting to leave pretty soon. John: Why? It's early yet.
2. a vague way of answering 'yes'. John: You want some more coffee? Jane: I 'spose. Alice: Ready to go? John: I spect.
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I guess (so).

 and I believe so.; I expect (so).; I suppose (so).; I suspect (so).; I think so.
a vague expression of assent. (Frequently, in speech, suppose is reduced to 'spose, and expect and suspect are reduced to 'spect. The apostrophe is not always shown.) Tom: Will it rain today? Bob: I suppose so. Sue: Happy? Bill: I 'spect. Sue: You don't sound happy. Bill: I guess not.
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assent to

To agree to something: The committee assented to the proposal that they had been discussing.
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Given that our epistemic disposition is nothing other than the set of beliefs we hold (both the impressions we have assented to in the past and our preconceptions), a change in our beliefs will have, as a consequence, a change in the quality of our assents (52).
A bill to replace May 29 with June 12 which the president assented to on Monday was passed by the two chambers of the Eight National Assembly recently.
The president, who appeared to have assented grudgingly, observed that the lawmakers reduced some of the proposals he presented and increased others adding that they also introduced fresh allocations.
Giving the reasons why it shoukd be assented to immediately, the association said the Pharmacy Council ot Nigeria (PCN) Bill 2017 is very consistent with similar laws in the Commonweatth League of Nations, where regulatory laws and statutes have become very sacred in keeping pace with the norms and ethos of public health.
'If assented to, the bill would lead to a misuse of trust property and threaten to affect the welfare of the people of Kano by diverting public funds from development and provision of access to quality education, clean water and healthcare to the personal benefits of members of the House of Assembly.
AS President Muhammadu Buhari assented the N30,000 national minimum wage into law, the Trade Union Congress (TUC), said it was instructive to note that its gains have been eroded by inflation.
President Muhammadu Buhari has assented to the Minimum Wage Repel and Enactment Act 2019.'
Ita Enang says President Muhammadu Buhari has assented to the highest number of bills compared to any other president since 1999.
The Senate had on March 7, 2018, passed the NFIU Bill, which was assented to by Buhari.
'As the primary beneficiary of the bill when assented to by the President, we wish to inform the President and his team that the National Disability Bill has been transmitted to his office.
If he could not grant assent because of the time frame, he could have assented to it for the sake of future elections.
Ita Enang, the Special Adviser to the President on National Assembly Matters, on Friday, December 7, disclosed to newsmen in Abuja that Mr President had assented to the amendment bill.
However, he said Buhari had assented to the National Open University Amendment Act, which allows the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) to operate as all other universities, having the same power and functions and the same administrative structures, eliminating possible discrimination against its products and programmes.
Asked whether the bill was assented or rejected, he insisted: 'The President has taken a decision in accordance with the powers vested in him according to the constitution.