gather into

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gather (someone) into (something)

To bring someone or something in to some place or thing. Gather the kids into the playroom, and I'll bring in the cake. The CEO's receptionist gathered us into the conference room for the meeting.
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gather someone into something

 and gather someone in
to assemble or bring people into something or some place. The hostess gathered the children into the house just as the storm hit. She gathered in the children. Harry gathered them in before the storm.
See also: gather
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I believe our target is to assemble up to 10,000 generators [in the UAE] within the next three to four years.
Assemble Systems is a building information modeling software integration company.
Swalwell: Assemble at the Holy Trinity Church, Hexham Old Road at 9am for Holy Communion followed by a wreath-laying ceremony at 10am.
But e-tail customers -- who are typically very cost-conscious -- may be more willing to assemble their own furniture, according to Andrew Bernstein, president and co-founder of Shop121.
Other steps it took in the startup were to figure casting costs, seek out available vendors for extra components, utilize its engineering and purchasing departments to determine the machining required to assemble the part, and establish inventory and quality process within the operation.
Among the projects the consortium is helping to assemble is a $15 million health care facility in Russia being developed for a local pulp and paper mill.
JAGUAR Land Rover bosses have insisted that there are no plans to assemble Halewood's top-selling Range Rover Evoque in India.
The Boeing Company is NASA's prime contractor to design, develop, manufacture and assemble the International Space Station.
The Astra International Group will be the first automotive company in Asia securing the license to assemble BMW motorcycles.
Another Cecchetti jump we practiced was Cecchetti assemble Mr.
The team will assemble the existing databases of the Big Three into one database, including all information on:
1 if they assemble (as defined in the ED) financial statements that are intended for internal use only.