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be tight-assed

rude slang To be overly concerned with small, insignificant details. Primarily heard in US. I asked Molly to proofread our proposal because she's so tight-assed that she'll definitely notice the slightest mistake!


1. rude slang With one's buttocks exposed. Good luck changing his diaper—he loves running around here bare-assed.
2. rude slang Completely naked. I can't believe he ran across the field without a stitch of clothing, completely bare-assed!


rude slang Nervous, ineffectual, or cowardly. Trying to hide from the bully was definitely a candy-assed move, Jimmy!


rude slang Pitiful; worthless; utterly inferior or inadequate. He always offers some sorry-assed excuse for being late. Well, if it happens again, he's fired! I always feel so self-conscious having to park my sorry-assed car next to the Mercedes at work.


1. rude slang Describing someone who has a large buttocks. What? I think that fat-assed chick is super sexy.
2. offensive slang Describing someone who is fat or obese. You can't have a skinny guy play Santa—you need a fat-assed dude for that.


mod. with a naked posterior exposed; totally naked. (Usually objectionable.) He ran right through the room—totally bare-assed—looking scared as hell.


mod. timid; frightened; cowardly. (Mildly objectionable.) What a candy-assed twit you are!


mod. having large buttocks. (Usually objectionable.) Get your fat-ass self outa my car!


1. mod. wild; exciting. We had a real hairy-ass time on the roller coaster.
2. mod. strong and virile. (Usually objectionable.) This big hairy-ass guy started to push us around.


mod. clumsy; awkward and ineffectual. (Usually objectionable.) She only made a half-ass try at passing the test.


1. mod. sad and depressed. (Usually objectionable.) Man, old Charlie was about the most sorry-ass dude you ever saw.
2. mod. worthless; poor quality. (Usually objectionable.) How much longer do I have to drive this sorry-ass excuse for an automobile?
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The 20-year-old, whop assed his driving test just before Christmas, goes into tonight's Premiership clash with Leeds having served his apprenticeship at St James' Park and is now ready to push on to the next level.
The upside of being flaky and half assed is that we're definitely not faking it, whatever we are.
Harry's comprehension, arithmetic ability and general intelligence were assed by psychologist George Crowther.
The Rovers players were glad to help and p assed on a few tips,as well as being impressed by their progress so far.
The local athletics world was saddened to hear of the death of Warrington AC stalwart,George Edwards, whop assed away last Sunday aged 88.
Em bar assed silence all round then the interviewer shrugged and said: ''Well, we'll get your views anyway.
A motion p assed at the party's Brighton conference would give local authorities compulsory leasing powers to tackle the ``scandal'' of long-term vacant properties.
Some of the artists who made their reputations doing flier and album-cover art have gone on to fame and perhaps fortune, while others remain undiscovered, under-appreciated, and assed out.
Three minutes from the end, Mary Looby scored a consolation goal with a fine hand assed effort to the net but it proved too little too late for Drom & Inch as O'Donovan Rossa secured a six-point win.