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1. rude slang With one's buttocks exposed. Good luck changing his diaper—he loves running around here bare-assed.
2. rude slang Completely naked. I can't believe he ran across the field without a stitch of clothing, completely bare-assed!

be tight-assed

rude slang To be overly concerned with small, insignificant details. Primarily heard in US. I asked Molly to proofread our proposal because she's so tight-assed that she'll definitely notice the slightest mistake!


rude slang Nervous, ineffectual, or cowardly. Trying to hide from the bully was definitely a candy-assed move, Jimmy!


1. rude slang Describing someone who has a large buttocks. What? I think that fat-assed chick is super sexy.
2. offensive slang Describing someone who is fat or obese. You can't have a skinny guy play Santa—you need a fat-assed dude for that.


1. rude slang Scary or exhilarating. We had a hairy-assed time trying to get out of that haunted house—I still had fun, though.
2. rude slang Macho. Hairy-assed guys just annoy me. I like thoughtful, poetic types.


1. verb, rude slang To do something halfheartedly or without one's full effort. Did you half-ass these posters? There's a bunch of misspellings, and the ink is all smudged.
2. adjective, rude slang Done halfheartedly or without one's full effort. Also seen as "half-assed." It was just a half-ass attempt, so naturally it didn't work. Look at these half-assed posters—there's a bunch of misspellings, and the ink is all smudged.


rude slang Detestable, pitiful, or depressing. Now that I've lived in New York City, I can't go back to the sad-ass town I grew up in. I just got a promotion, so it's time for me to move out of this sad-ass apartment and find something better.


rude slang Pitiful; worthless; utterly inferior or inadequate. He always offers some sorry-assed excuse for being late. Well, if it happens again, he's fired! I always feel so self-conscious having to park my sorry-assed car next to the Mercedes at work.
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mod. with a naked posterior exposed; totally naked. (Usually objectionable.) He ran right through the room—totally bare-assed—looking scared as hell.


mod. timid; frightened; cowardly. (Mildly objectionable.) What a candy-assed twit you are!


mod. having large buttocks. (Usually objectionable.) Get your fat-ass self outa my car!


1. mod. wild; exciting. We had a real hairy-ass time on the roller coaster.
2. mod. strong and virile. (Usually objectionable.) This big hairy-ass guy started to push us around.


mod. clumsy; awkward and ineffectual. (Usually objectionable.) She only made a half-ass try at passing the test.




1. mod. sad and depressed. (Usually objectionable.) Man, old Charlie was about the most sorry-ass dude you ever saw.
2. mod. worthless; poor quality. (Usually objectionable.) How much longer do I have to drive this sorry-ass excuse for an automobile?
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