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assault and battery

A violent physical attack. Although "assault and battery" is an official legal charge, the phrase can also be used conversationally to describe any sort of physical attack, however serious. The thief that attacked my son in the parking lot has been charged with assault and battery. A: "Quit punching me! Help, this is assault and battery!" B: "Ah, you're such a wuss. Go cry to mom."
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assault the ear

To be loud and painful to listen to. I don't know how kids enjoy playing their music so loud—it just assaults the ear!
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verbal assault

Very hostile speech directed at someone. Don't talk to Stan today—I just tried to ask him a simple question, and I got a verbal assault. A: "Why are you crying?" B: "The professor gave me a verbal assault in the middle of my presentation."
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wage (something) against (someone or something)

To initiate, engage in, or carry on some kind of prolonged attack or assault against someone, something, or some group. The country has begun waging war against its neighbors in an attempt to control the continent. The new mayor has vowed to wage a battle against drug addiction in her city. It has become clear that the organization is waging an all-out assault against those in the media trying to expose their unscrupulous practices.
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assault and battery

a violent attack [upon someone] followed by a beating. (A technical legal charge.) Richard was charged with two counts of assault and battery. Dave does not go out at night because he does not want to be a victim of assault and battery.
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assault the ear

Fig. [for sound or speech] to be very loud or persistent. That loud music assaults the ears! I can't hear you with all that traffic noise assaulting my ears.
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A two-year monthly average of nonsexual written misconduct assaults was calculated for each institution and used as the maximum number of nonsexual written monthly assaults for developing a warning system for this type of assault.
The US Army Military Police School (USAMPS) has been working diligently with other agencies to get the word out and to train all personnel involved in the prevention of and intervention in sexual assaults. USAMPS instructors have been sent to numerous locations in support of the DOD and DA Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Mobile Training Teams.
Female veterans with histories of both childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault in the military were 4.33 times more likely to report sexual pain than female veterans with no history of sexual assault; women whose history of sexual assault occurred in the military only were 2.37 times more likely to report sexual pain.
In addition, 3.5% of the Israeli community was affected by cyberattacks, the most common of which was identity impersonation or theft, constituting 32.5% of the assaults. Eleven percent of those harmed reported that they were sexually harassed online.
One of the officers had to go to hospital after an incident in Bangor, while another was assaulted at Wrexham AFC's game against Newport County on Saturday.
It means that it is not possible to compare the total number of assaults on police officers with previous years.
FBI representatives revealed during a press conference Wednesday that the FBI opened 63 investigations into mid-flight sexual assaults in 2017, up from 38 in 2014.
Across England, ambulance staff were assaulted 10 times a day on average or 3,701 times during the financial year 2016/17, including physical and non-physical assaults.
Some 285 of the physical assaults were intentional while 471 of the verbal cases were intentional.
Unfortunately the schoolboys of Sargodha seemed to have lucked out as they became prey to sexual assault by a gang of six members who not only assaulted them but also filmed it.
A MAN has been charged after a police investigation into allegations children were assaulted at a mosque in Rochdale.
"More than 50% of college sexual assaults occur during the beginning of the academic school year, and this survey sheds light on the fact that many adults look to our institutions to foster a safe campus community and strengthen systemic responses to sexual assault," stresses Rumburg.
POLICE are the victims of more than 20 assaults every week in the West Midlands, figures have revealed.
MEN have been urged to use their brain not their fists as gardai launched a drive yesterday to clamp down on street assaults.