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assault and battery

A violent physical attack. Although "assault and battery" is an official legal charge, the phrase can also be used conversationally to describe any sort of physical attack, however serious. The thief that attacked my son in the parking lot has been charged with assault and battery. A: "Quit punching me! Help, this is assault and battery!" B: "Ah, you're such a wuss. Go cry to mom."
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assault the ear

To be loud and painful to listen to. I don't know how kids enjoy playing their music so loud—it just assaults the ear!
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verbal assault

Very hostile speech directed at someone. Don't talk to Stan today—I just tried to ask him a simple question, and I got a verbal assault. A: "Why are you crying?" B: "The professor gave me a verbal assault in the middle of my presentation."
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wage (something) against (someone or something)

To initiate, engage in, or carry on some kind of prolonged attack or assault against someone, something, or some group. The country has begun waging war against its neighbors in an attempt to control the continent. The new mayor has vowed to wage a battle against drug addiction in her city. It has become clear that the organization is waging an all-out assault against those in the media trying to expose their unscrupulous practices.
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assault and battery

a violent attack [upon someone] followed by a beating. (A technical legal charge.) Richard was charged with two counts of assault and battery. Dave does not go out at night because he does not want to be a victim of assault and battery.
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assault the ear

Fig. [for sound or speech] to be very loud or persistent. That loud music assaults the ears! I can't hear you with all that traffic noise assaulting my ears.
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For every competitor a, the assaulter may check if there exists a nonzero result of such that Ba = 0 utilizing the same strategy as examined in Section 3.2.1.
In the few studies of women who assault men, women assaulters were more likely to have experienced past sexual abuse, to hold stereotypical attitudes about male sexuality, and to believe that typical female roles are restrictive (Anderson, Kontos & Tanigoshi, 2002 Shea, 1998).
While the earlier study of police killers demonstrated parallel findings on family composition, the assaulters tended to report less instability in family caretaking and less physical and psychological abuse within the family than did the killers.
The ultimate goal is that the assaulters are not just tried in a court of public opinion, but in an actual court of law.
A similar incident occurred in Iran last year where a seven-year-old Atena Aslani was assaulted, killed and dumped, to which the Iranian government openly hanged the assaulter in front of a large crowd.
The criminal investigation department initiated investigations and arrested the main assaulter in record time, he added.
Truth to tell, Cosby isn't the only secret assaulter in show biz, which is full of men and women who are past masters at using their power to make or break incipient careers, in order to get the sexual favors they demand.
The woman said the assaulter threatened to kill her sleeping eight-year-old son when she put up resistance.
After joining the movement, Lipman allegedly received a poke from Grasham on ( Facebook , and this prompted him to pen a follow-up social media post outing the latter as his assaulter.
The woman's defence lawyer Mohammed Jad Al Mawla told the RAK Criminal Court of First Instance that his client had lodged a complaint against the assaulter at the RAK Police.
He was an assaulter platoon leader of 1st Light Reaction Company of the Special Operations Command.
"Glad you spoke out, but better would have been you pointing out the sexual assaulter & having them thrown out & arrested.More than words, " wrote ( Peaches Mon Cherrie.
Eye witnesses told The Frontier Post, Malik Qader Khan, his gunman Gul Aslam who was also his cousin and his driver Sabzali Khan were killed on the spot while an alleged assaulter commander Nek Muhmmad and his two comrades were seriously injured in retaliatory firing of Qader's escort.
A senior police officer said the seriously injured victim was shifted to the hospital while the assaulter was taken into police custody.