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assault and battery

A violent physical attack. Although "assault and battery" is an official legal charge, the phrase can also be used conversationally to describe any sort of physical attack, however serious. The thief that attacked my son in the parking lot has been charged with assault and battery. A: "Quit punching me! Help, this is assault and battery!" B: "Ah, you're such a wuss. Go cry to mom."
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assault the ear

To be loud and painful to listen to. I don't know how kids enjoy playing their music so loud—it just assaults the ear!
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verbal assault

Very hostile speech directed at someone. Don't talk to Stan today—I just tried to ask him a simple question, and I got a verbal assault. A: "Why are you crying?" B: "The professor gave me a verbal assault in the middle of my presentation."
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wage (something) against (someone or something)

To initiate, engage in, or carry on some kind of prolonged attack or assault against someone, something, or some group. The country has begun waging war against its neighbors in an attempt to control the continent. The new mayor has vowed to wage a battle against drug addiction in her city. It has become clear that the organization is waging an all-out assault against those in the media trying to expose their unscrupulous practices.
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assault and battery

a violent attack [upon someone] followed by a beating. (A technical legal charge.) Richard was charged with two counts of assault and battery. Dave does not go out at night because he does not want to be a victim of assault and battery.
See also: and, assault, battery

assault the ear

Fig. [for sound or speech] to be very loud or persistent. That loud music assaults the ears! I can't hear you with all that traffic noise assaulting my ears.
See also: assault, ear
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"Being assaulted should never be seen as simply part of the job.
The student's Pakistani friend confirmed the victim's statement and contended: "I saw the 19-year-old bleeding from his shoulders and legs - when I tried to stop the fight, the defendants assaulted me as well."
* Of the 52,901 officers who were assaulted, 14,678 (27.7 percent) sustained injuries.
Perpetrators who used alcohol assaulted victims outdoors and at night more often (Brecklin & Ullman 2002).
law enforcement agencies reported that 57,546 officers were assaulted while on duty.
Last year, according to driving tests organisers the Driving Standards Agency, 263 endured verbal abuse from angry motorists and 25 were physically assaulted.
This means a report may appear that has several assault misconducts associated with it because an inmate may have assaulted more than one other inmate or staff member in the same incident (Illustration 4).
Results of ANOVAs revealed that, for women, being sexually assaulted was related to heavy episodic drinking and for men, sexually assaulting and being sexually assaulted were both related to heavy episodic drinking.
Ashley New claimed that she did not know who had assaulted her, but the investigating police officer became suspicious of Hill because it appeared that New had been choked and punched from the front.
In addition to crime counts and trends, this report includes data on crimes cleared, persons arrested (age, sex, and race), law enforcement personnel (including the number of sworn officers killed or assaulted), and the characteristics of homicides (including age, sex, and race of victims and offenders; victim-offender relationships; weapons used; and circumstances surrounding the homicides).
This past spring, a female cadet at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs told authorities she had been assaulted outside the campus gymnasium.
Black peril, according to this logic, constituted a kind of payback: black men assaulted white women to avenge the wanton deflowering of African women by white men.
An inmate sued state officials alleging that she was sexually assaulted by a corrections officer and that she was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment in violation of her Eighth Amendment rights.
A FATHER-OF-TWO befriended a group of girls including two 13-year-olds and a pregnant woman and later indecently assaulted each of them.
Rainey (1994) surveyed baseball and softball umpires and reported that 11% of 782 respondents had been assaulted at some time in their careers.