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aspire to

To hope or strive to be or do something. I aspire to be a successful businesswoman like my sister one day. My parents were so patient with us. As a dad, that's what I aspire to.
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Aim for the stars!

 and Reach for the stars!
Aspire to something!; Set one's goals high! Aim for the stars, son! Don't settle for second best. Set your sights high. Reach for the stars!
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aspire to something

to seek or aim for something better. She aspires to a job more challenging than her current position. I aspire to far greater things.
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More than 75 companies use Aspiring Minds' recruitment solutions, including HCL, Sapient, Ericsson, ITC, SBI Life, Nokia, Keane, and Accor Hotels.
Himanshu Aggarwal, Co-Founder and Director, Aspiring Minds said, "AMCAT is already India's largest employability assessment, taken by more than half a million graduates every year.
Schutte, for instance, seems to undervaluate the role of mystical culture in the experience of the aspiring Venetian saints.
In our opinion the theological condemnation of "quietism"--the mystical heresy par excellence--has to be connected to the longterm repression of practices and behaviors of persons--the aspiring saints-who had tried to bring back to life an already obsolete mystical model of "holiness."
The real significance of the aspiring saints is the stimulus their trials have given to Schutte's investigation of important themes in the Italian Counter-Reformation.
In short, the competitive model would substitute meaningful professional development for what is essentially a guild system funded by levying a significant tuition-based tax on aspiring teachers before permitting them to enter the profession.
As a general principle, certification is most effective when the licensing body ensures that aspiring professionals have mastered essential skills or knowledge and denies a license to inadequate performers.
If an aspiring writer or entrepreneur is unsuccessful, we trust that they will eventually be persuaded to find a line of work for which they are better suited.
Because aspiring teachers would no longer have to attend formal teacher-preparation programs in order to teach, they would be free to make professional decisions about training in the same manner as business school or journalism school students, Weaker teacher-preparation programs would likely fall by the wayside.
Use of aspiring by young children has declined in recent years, possibly accounting for a lower incidence of Reye's syndrome during 1984, according to the Jan.