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aspire to

To hope or strive to be or do something. I aspire to be a successful businesswoman like my sister one day. My parents were so patient with us. As a dad, that's what I aspire to.
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Aim for the stars!

 and Reach for the stars!
Aspire to something!; Set one's goals high! Aim for the stars, son! Don't settle for second best. Set your sights high. Reach for the stars!
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aspire to something

to seek or aim for something better. She aspires to a job more challenging than her current position. I aspire to far greater things.
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Developed in 2015 by researchers from CSIRO, ASPIRE is an online marketplace that intelligently matches businesses with potential remanufacturers, purchasers or recyclers to find new purposes for waste materials working towards the circular economy for Australia.
Dr Melanie Ayre, research scientist at CSIROs Data61, said that since launching ASPIRE has diverted hundreds of different waste streams from landfill including batteries, e-waste, metals, organics, polystyrene, ferric chloride and timber pallets.
We developed ASPIRE in response to rising costs of waste management, and to redirect waste to more productive uses, Dr Ayre said.
Around 300 businesses are using ASPIRE, which has collectively saved $207,000 in waste disposal and material costs.
While weve had strong traction in Victoria, were scaling ASPIRE nationally to address the increasing need for a way to manage Australias growing waste and recycling issues.
The ASPIRE marketplace combines CSIROs domain expertise in manufacturing with the deep technology capabilities of Data61.