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aspire to

To hope or strive to be or do something. I aspire to be a successful businesswoman like my sister one day. My parents were so patient with us. As a dad, that's what I aspire to.
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Aim for the stars!

 and Reach for the stars!
Aspire to something!; Set one's goals high! Aim for the stars, son! Don't settle for second best. Set your sights high. Reach for the stars!
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aspire to something

to seek or aim for something better. She aspires to a job more challenging than her current position. I aspire to far greater things.
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The Aspire 5 is designed with media consumers in mind.
With the latest Intel procesA[degrees] sors, NVIDIA GeForce 940M series graphics with dedicated DDR3 VRAM or AMD Radeon R8 and R6 dual graphics, up to 16gb RAM and 2tb HDD/1tb SSHD storage options, the new Aspire E Series provides solid performA[degrees] ance for everyday use.
Acer Aspire One 532h - One for the frequent traveller [Review]
9%, for two years, but stipulated that these standstill arrangements would be suspended in the event that a "competitor" acquired 1% or more of Aspire.
Other recent youth teams who visited the ASPIRE Academy recently include Bayer Leverkusen, Espanyol, Fulham, Charlton and Tottenham.
Maggie Pavlou, president of the chamber of commerce and current chairwoman of Aspire, said: "Aspire was an early pioneer in setting the regional agenda for business engagement in raising career aspirations of young people.
In addition to the Aspire Arcade, the Aspire 2000 also includes other unique multimedia features, including:
The high end is a 133MHz Pentium Aspire minitower with 16Mb of RAM, a 1.
For users looking for powerful performance the Aspire 7 features up to 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics.
The Aspire P3 was introduced recently with other new products, including the Acer Aspire R7, Aspire V Series touch notebooks and Iconia tablets.
The only drawback in Lemon's Aspire A1 is that it runs on an older Android mobile v4.
He doesn't seem to have a clue either that it's hard to aspire when you have a mental health problem which has been deemed "all in the head" by ATOS.
3 -- Acer has launched another range of colourful notebooks, and this time it is the Aspire 5755 and 4755 that have been painted in five natural hues - Amazon Green, Pacific Blue, Desert Brown, Sunset Red and Monsoon Black - all part of Acer's 'Gorgeous by Nature' line, starting from Rs.
Summary: ASPIRE Academy hosted the ninth season of Al Bawasel annual camp for diabetic children, organised in partnership with the Qatar Diabetes Foundation as part of ASPIRE's vision to promote health awareness among Qatari society.