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And I ask you again--rashly and obstinately as I fear you will think--to give me the introduction.
As I was saying, I have an appointment with my friend; she does me the honor to ask my opinion on some very remarkable specimens of old lace.
Had I found you differently disposed, I was going to ask you to put yourself in my place.
Would it not be safer and more certain if I should ask him his name and tell him yours?
No, but look," replied the hostess, pointing to the wounded man; "I ask you if you recognize him?
Render to him, then, the last service he can by any possibility ask of you, and your work will be all the more meritorious.
And I am going to ask him to send Toto and me back to Kansas," added Dorothy.
For example, if a special agent asks you if you know someone, and you do, but for some reason you respond "No," then you have committed a felony.
If she asks for your opinion about the day's book discussion, raise your hand and speak up.
Get your key messages across clearly and repeatedly no matter what questions a journalist asks.
Michael Jackson, in a carpet-sweeping class by himself, reportedly told his sleepover guests that if someone asks, don't tell.
First, the lawyer asks a question about what is beyond life here on earth.
he asks, raising his right hand in a friendly, almost embarrassed half-wave.
Pontiff asks God's forgiveness for past wrongs committed against Jews, women, minorities