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If anyone teases you or comments on your not-so-successful attempt at asking out your crush, a simple, "Why do you care about my personal life?" should suffice.
Teachers who are not afraid of a small mistake will learn from any mistakes they make and move on, rather than hiding, not confiding in another teacher or not asking for help.
If you are in an all day meeting with six department heads and you speak less than 5 percent of the time, but that 5 percent is spent asking questions, you will probably control much of the meeting.
When I caught up with her in Washington, D.C., in April, I asked her if she missed asking the first question.
He is used to asking questions that help him avoid error.
has received copies of papers filed against the company in the Netherlands by Microsoft Corporation asking the court to fine Lindows 100,000 euros per day for permitting its website to be reachable by visitors from the Benelux countries (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg).
In a move that was expected and welcome, American Business Media, an association representing b-to-b information providers, and the American Society of Association Executives, an association representing 500 trade associations, have filed papers asking the Federal Communications Commission both to delay the implementation of its newly revised fax regulations and to clarify the rules.
The vote by the parishes spurred a letter from Bishop Michael Ingham of New Westminster, who wrote 11 clergy from the seven parishes asking if they are "in" or "out" of his diocese and jurisdiction.
Other employers may feel justified in asking certain questions to protect their business interests.
Kathleen then elicited more responses by asking, "Are there any other ways?" One student said, "6 sets of 5' and another said "5 sets of 6." Another then observed that those two solutions were the same.
"By looking at it with a holistic approach, we don't just have the HR person asking, "How do we retain employees?' We also have operations people asking, 'Are people bored?
These factors can be placed into four broad categories: the characteristics of the subject giving the consent, the environment in which the consent is given, the actions taken or statements made by the subject giving the consent, and the actions taken or statements made by law enforcement officers during the course of asking for consent to search.
In this game, a player tries to identify a secret object by asking a sequence of questions--traditionally beginning with "Animal?