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So this holiday season we are asking you in the valleynews.
Maybe people will actually start asking and telling.
Other employers may feel justified in asking certain questions to protect their business interests.
A vital part of discovering fraud concerns the auditor's ability to ask questions and the implications of not asking them.
I began by asking Chris (he treated the students as his equals--we always called him Chris) about his first day of class when he blew the students away with the legendary attendance vote.
Instead of asking for feedback in general, ask what could go wrong with a project or in a particular scenario?
By the way, it's good to remember, for very human folks like me, that, while Abraham complied with God's request, according to the story, without ever even asking why, Jesus himself was human enough to pray in the garden, "Let this pass, Father, if possible.
The counselors had tried to do all the right things, showing him around the camp to make him comfortable, helping him make his bed, and asking him about his interests and what he wanted out of camp.
Since, as Donaldson suggests, the questions put to the president serve as a gauge for what the hot national stories are, the narrowness of their range is horrifying-even more so when you consider that the people asking them are among the best in the business.
Former Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi added, "The people aren't asking for much.
It's possible the reason that apathy ruled the day was simply because no one had been asking the right questions of the candidates.
uk because they can present specific information, products and services at the moment when consumers are most interested: when they are asking a question.
In return, the military said it would stop asking recruits if they were 10.
asked IRS regional chief compliance officers to "assess the facts and apply sound judgment" before asking taxpayers about personal assets or expenditures.