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And soon a black man came down out of the woods and asked them what they were doing there.
"I have been asked to come to Africa to cure the monkeys who are sick."
Seeing this the great governor asked the creditor what answer he had to make to what his opponent said.
"Is it impolite to romp and shout and be jolly?" asked Scraps.
"You do not believe, then," asked Penelope, "that robbery was really the motive?"
Settle your wig, Jo, and tell me if I shall telegraph to your mother, or do anything?" asked Laurie, who never had been reconciled to the loss of his friend's one beauty.
"What about arranging for boats and animals?" asked Tom.
"Answer, sir," exclaimed he; "you have been asked politely, and every question is worth an answer."
"Is it in danger?" asked Dorothy, noticing that the child was clasped in her arms and seemed sleeping peacefully.
"And all that time," he asked, "has there been no one living at Tredowen?"
Macallan heard anything of my husband?" I asked. "Is she coming here to tell me about him?"
It hovered near them, and asked why they were hidden there.
"How long will it be," the child asked of the Tin Woodman, "before we are out of the forest?"
"Have you known that young man long, Princess?" he asked.
"Did you understand that sign?" asked His Majesty, politely.