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based Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military, charges that "don't ask, don't tell" actually causes what it purports to prevent.
Jesus asks if they can undergo what he will endure in order to be able to be later found in his "glory.
Please sit down," the head nurse ask Wanda to tell Mr.
Employers may ask applicants about nonmedical qualifications and skills required to perform the job: education, work experience, and mandated certifications and licenses.
If your boss presses you to have employees respond to a hospital-wide survey, ask your employees to fill it out as a favor to you--not because they should.
She pauses at the nurses' station to ask if Frances (not her real name) should get up for breakfast.
Ask the camper if you can help him/her with a specific behavior.
Already, she has made an impact on "don't ask, don't tell.
Children who continue to touch their genitals or masturbate excessively, ask a lot of sexual questions, are occupied with the bodies of others, or show overt sexual aggression are usually disturbed about something?
Three years into "don't ask, don't tell," the policy is in a shambles--and no one cares
You will need to be patient with yourself in those circumstances and perhaps tell the person that you are distracted and ask for a repeat of the information.
At first, some may conclude an auditor should always ask open questions.