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They asked him how he had come to the conclusion that the ten crowns were in the cane; he replied, that observing how the old man who swore gave the stick to his opponent while he was taking the oath, and swore that he had really and truly given him the crowns, and how as soon as he had done swearing he asked for the stick again, it came into his head that the sum demanded must be inside it; and from this he said it might be seen that God sometimes guides those who govern in their judgments, even though they may be fools; besides he had himself heard the curate of his village mention just such another case, and he had so good a memory, that if it was not that he forgot everything he wished to remember, there would not be such a memory in all the island.
Had I found you differently disposed, I was going to ask you to put yourself in my place.
What's the matter?" cried Jo, as Beth put out her hand as if to warn her off, and asked quickly, "You've had the scarlet fever, havent't you?"
"How are we going to make the trip?" asked Ned, as they sat at supper, the first night after their arrival, eating of several dishes, the red- pepper condiments of which caused frequent trips to the water pitcher.
He nodded assent, and pulled out his thief-dreaded watch, and asked me where I was going to dine?
D'Artagnan asked some questions about this prolonged melancholy.
Well, I vow I felt exactly the same sensation at sight of that man when he said, `Why do you ask me that?' and looked so strangely at me."
"Are there any tigers and bears in this neighborhood?" the Wizard asked.
"And all that time," he asked, "has there been no one living at Tredowen?"
As I was saying, I have an appointment with my friend; she does me the honor to ask my opinion on some very remarkable specimens of old lace.
When the Dragon comes, I will ask him what the riddle is, for he tells me everything; then listen carefully what he answers.'
"I am going to the Great Oz to ask him to give me some," remarked the Scarecrow, "for my head is stuffed with straw."
Why do you ask me that?" said Princess Mary, still thinking of that morning's conversation with her father.
"Then ask him, to begin with," resumed the Scarecrow, turning to Jellia, "what brought him to the Emerald City"
And the fishes asked the parrot if this was Doctor Dolittle's ship.