aside from

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apart from

Except for; excluding. Apart from math, my grades are very good this semester. I love this car—apart from the price tag, of course.
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aside from

Except for. I like all vegetables, aside from string beans. Aside from that one class, Josh is a very good student.
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aside from someone or something

not including someone or something. Aside from a small bank account, I have no money at all. Aside from Mary, Nancy, Craig, and Phil, I have no friends on campus.
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aside from

see under apart from.
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Aside from raising awareness and lobbying Congress to strike down the provision, a handful of activists have also convinced their schools to set aside money in case a prospective student is denied aid under the provision.
Using examples from plays by Corneille, Moliere, and Racine, I will attempt to demonstrate critically how the evolution of the aside from a mechanism of dramatic economy into an essentially comic device parallels the introduction of the proscenium arch in French neoclassical theatres.
Even the most ornate double proscenium arch cannot prevent those actors delivering the aside from silently reminding the spectators that what they see on the stage is just an illusion, an illu-minated vi-sion, that is just as unreal as the relief on the frame around it.
83 and taxable to the employee when transferred or set aside from the claims of general creditors.
83 and the regulations thereunder to tax the employee's beneficial interest in the property set aside from the claims of creditors (i.