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Those aged between 25 and 34 are the least prepared for a financial emergency, 41% have less than pounds 249 in savings, with a quarter say they have nothing set aside at all.
Code [section] 512(a)(3)(B) provides that a VEBA may exclude from taxable income member contributions plus amounts set aside for payment of benefits and expenses.
Andrew Richards, senior Midlands policy adviser for the NFU, said: "There is no rationale for set aside to be kept in place since the changes in 2005.
The supervisors had set aside the $2 million for LAHSA to help it avoid recurring fiscal problems.
This artist set aside certain times and days when she did nothing but develop new ideas for her studio work.
The whole form of "An Aside," meanwhile, might call to mind Girl Stowaway, 1994, an installation including film, objects, and images Dean accumulated through intention and coincidence.
If the decision is made to accept the resident, the community should then set aside funds to help cover anticipated future shortfalls.
Strain through a fine-mesh sieve and set mushrooms aside, keeping warm.
Plugging measurements of ant movement into the computer model, the researchers found that ants have optimized their tendency to turn aside when encountering a possible obstacle, such as another ant.
I name thus those beautiful speeches which one Character makes aside in the presence of another in one of the corners of the Theatre, whilst the latter Actor is obliged to pretend in this act to be without eyes & without ears; then, not to conceal it at all, unless he is both deaf & blind, he must, in spite of his knowledge, ignore that which the other does in his view & which he wants, however, to hide from him.
Regulators have approved a report that would create a formula to determine how much money insurers must set aside for catastrophe reserve funds.
83 and the regulations thereunder to tax the employee's beneficial interest in the property set aside from the claims of creditors (i.
The court stated that although the sale at foreclosure will not ordinarily be disturbed where it was fairly made and free from fraud, a judicial sale may be set aside when someone obtained an undue advantage or where a party was unfairly dealt with.
Federal Communications Commission about whether the cable industry's free-speech rights, are being trampled by a 1992 federal law that requires cable systems to set aside up to one-third of their channels for local broadcasts.
The PASS provision allows disabled people to set aside income and or resources for a specified period of time for a work goal, such as education, vocational training or starting a business.