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Transfer to a pastry bag fitted with a star tip and set aside in refrigerator.
-- Rs1340.225 million set aside for Law and Justice Division
The Bagan Datuk MP is adamant he will not step aside. Last week, he also said the Umno supreme council had decided that he should continue to stay on.
Aside from dismissing the Setting Aside Application, the Singapore High Court also ordered the Philippine government to pay Maynilad S$40,000 by way of costs.
'An order setting aside the orders made by the Honourable Court in this against the Defendants/Applicants as same were made without jurisdiction.
Rs1808 million set aside for National Food Security and Research Division
Critique: Extraordinarily well written, organized and presented, "All Jokes Aside: Standup Comedy Is a Phunny Business" is as informed and informative as it is candid and insightful.
The bank, considered to be the biggest in France, has set aside USD1.1bn for a possible fine for breaching US sanctions in deals with countries including Iran.
More than a fifth of workers have less than pounds 1,000 put aside.
Different from soliloquies in that they are not self-directed speeches, asides are lines spoken by actors or characters directly to audience members--instances of "breaking the fourth wall." Although soliloquies and asides both communicate ideas to the audience, Rosalinda Simone argues in "Asides as Discourse: The Pendulum of Power Between the Sexes in Shakespeare's Richard III and Titus Andronicus" that the techniques appeal to two distinct relationships: "The character's relationship with the audience is emphasized through the aside, as opposed to the playwright's relationship to the audience in the soliloquy" (2008, p.
Solicitation W9126GCTAO, covering work primarily for the Central Texas area office at Fort Hood, is set aside for service-disabled veteran-owned businesses.
The Court of Federal Claims ruled that a tax-exempt voluntary employees' beneficiary association (VEBA) recognized income subject to the unrelated business income tax (UBIT) because it exceeded the amount the VEBA could set aside to pay benefits.
When a mortgagee's innocent mistake caused foreclosed property to be sold at a grossly inadequate price, the foreclosure sale must be set aside to prevent injustice, according to the District Court of Appeal of Florida.
Under the proposal, farmers will not be obliged to set aside land from production in order to be entitled to the amount fixed by the set-aside entitlements.