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ascribe (something) to (something)

To attribute something to a person or source. Unless you want the teacher to think you're plagiarizing, be sure to ascribe all of your quotes to the proper sources. Can you believe this ludicrous statement that's been ascribed to the CEO?
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ascribe something to someone or something

to attribute something to someone or something; to assert that something has been caused by someone or something. Please do not ascribe that attitude to my friends. We ascribed the offensive action to Jill and only Jill.
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Ascribe is a software and IT firm that focuses on hospital pharmacy, accident and emergency (A&E), mental health and patient administration systems (PAS) and electronic patient records (EPR).
The Ascribe Web enabled pharmacy system is designed by healthcareclinicians to ensure higher patient safety standards.
I do not think Paul preaches the collapse of all human difference; this interpretation is simply a more benign expression of Christian imperialism, and Boyarin is right in his critique of it, even if I do not think he is right to ascribe this view to Paul.
Moreover, too often the author will state conclusions and will ascribe attitudes, thoughts, and decisions to historical actors without adequate (or, at times, any) documentation.
Not only do we ascribe authority to the written word of the Bible, we follow the Gospel of John in calling Jesus "Word".
The basic task of explaining the nature of phenomena that really are meanings is related to the "descriptive" task--to explain "the natures of the properties, putative meanings, that we do ascribe in attitude ascriptions for semantic purposes" and to the "normative" task--to explain "the natures of the properties that we ought to ascribe for semantic purposes" (p.
Liberals never acknowledge their own hatred of Western traditions; they merely ascribe their hostility to their "idealism," a motive their self-congratulation won't allow them to ascribe to conservatives.
Thus, if one is able to ascribe the thought aRb of a system, then it must also be possible for bRa to be ascribed of the system because the conditions that warrant the first ascription guarantee that it is possible that the organism can (under the appropriate circumstances) be correctly ascribed the second.
Some people ascribe a less bellicose tone to the former.
Some doctors unfamiliar with MS tend to ascribe patients' fatigue to depression, Dr.
Global Banking News-May 13, 2016--Capgemini to partner with Ascribe to develop blockchain database for banking loyalty rewards
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 16, 2013-Emis Group closes Ascribe takeover(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
13 September 2013 a[euro]" UK healthcare software provider Emis Group Plc (LON:EMIS) said on Friday it had signed a conditional deal to buy peer Ascribe Group Ltd from ECI Partners and some other shareholders for about GBP57.5m (USD91m/EUR68.4m).