as (something) as the next man/woman/person

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as (something) as the next man/woman/person

As much of the adjective stated between "as" and "as" as anyone else or the average person. Of course I can solve this math problem—I'm just as smart as the next man. Look, I'm as adventurous as the next person, but there's no way I would ever cross that rickety rope bridge.
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as the next person

You use as the next person, to mean that you are no different from anyone else in the way you have mentioned. I value liberty and privacy as much as the next person, but I don't accept the argument that a police camera puts those principles at risk. I can be as nosy as the next person. I like an easy time, same as the next person. Note: You can use man or woman instead of person. I'm as ambitious as the next man. I'd like to manage at the very highest level. Note: These expressions are often used when you are saying something that might make people think that you have the opposite opinion, experience or characteristic.
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as — as the next man

as — as the average person.
1998 Tom Clancy Rainbow Six I like red meat as much as the next man.
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as good, well, etc. as the ˈnext person

as good/well etc. as most other people: I can swim as well as the next person, but I can’t compete with her — she’s an Olympic champion.
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