as soon as possible

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as soon as possible

At the earliest opportunity. Call your mother as soon as possible—she's very worried about you.
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*soon as possible

at the earliest time. (*Also: as ~.) I'm leaving now. I'll be there as soon as possible. Please pay me soon as possible.
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as quickly, much, soon, etc. as ˈpossible

as quickly, much, soon, etc. as you can: We will get your order to you as soon as possible.
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It is imperative that effective solutions be found as soon as possible. A failure of the current effort would have far-reaching effects on our government and American taxpayers.
9 Plant out the spring pansies and polyanthus as soon as possible. Plant up containers and raised beds, including narcissi, as soon as possible.
He said the industry's efforts would concentrate on providing: Better information; a sustainable timetable by next week; a compensation package to be arranged as soon as possible, and confirmation of holiday services.
The ideal physician executive is described as: (1) an expert in an area that Wall Street perceives as hot; (2) a public speaker who can enthusiastically communicate scientific and business plans to a variety of audiences; (3) a team leader who is willing to share equity in the company with other employees; (4) a recruiter and a motivator; (5) an implementer who can achieve milestones quickly that allow the company to go public as soon as possible; and (6) a realist who does not resent the terms of the typical deal.
Deal with it as soon as possible. Increasing interest and penalties alone are good reasons for handling the problem immediately.
Call the auditors to get the audit schedule for the yearend audit as soon as possible. Repeat the procedures for the preliminary audit.
Although managed disability programs can vary a good deal, they all have one common aim: to deliver benefits and services so that employers control costs, and employees return to work as soon as possible. "The focus should be on what employees can do rather than on what they can't do; on their abilities rather than their disabilities," Wiggin says.
Earlier release would be consistent with the general principle that we should inform the public of policy decisions as soon as possible. At the same time, I believe that early release of the directive could well have announcement effects that could create unnecessary volatility in interest rates.
[paragraph] In 1993, initiate five-power talks with the declared nuclear states--and parallel discussions in the Disarmament Conference and the Partial Test Ban Treaty Amendment Conference--aimed at completing a multilateral comprehensive test ban as soon as possible, to take effect, at the latest, by the opening of the 1995 renewal conference for the Nonproliferation Treaty.
RenRe disclosed on March 12 that all necessary regulatory approvals were in place to enable a deal closing "as soon as possible, subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions."
Plant out spring cabbage as soon as possible and earth up late celery and leeks.
As soon as possible after the consummation date, management having the appropriate level of authority completes the assessment of which acquired activities to exit and approves and completes the combined company to the plan.
Because of the importance of the treaties to multinational corporations, Tax Executives Institute urges the Committee on Foreign Relations to schedule a hearing on the treaties and protocols as soon as possible and to recommend ratification by the full Senate.
Complete the planting of strawberry runners as soon as possible. Clear old strawberry beds ready for rejuvenation.
The following five steps for auditors should be done as soon as possible: