(as) rare as hens' teeth

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(as) rare as hens' teeth

Incredibly scarce or rare; extremely difficult or impossible to find. Support for the president is as rare as hens' teeth in this part of the country.
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rare as hen's teeth


scarce as hen's teeth

If something is as rare as hen's teeth or as scarce as hen's teeth, it is extremely rare. Record companies are becoming as rare as hen's teeth. Note: Hens do not have teeth.
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rare (or scarce) as hen's teeth

extremely rare.
As hens do not possess teeth, the implication is that something is rare to the point of non-existence. The phrase was originally a US colloquialism, dating from the mid 19th century.
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infoKim Wilson Kim Wilson is as rare as hen's teeth in the demo bag-a solo female performer.
If you haven't seen one of these striking newcomers on the roads yet, that is because they are as rare as hen's teeth, which helps to preserve their exclusivity, and also their second-hand values.