as one

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as one

As a single unit. As one, the kids ran up to the door and yelled, "Trick or treat!"
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*as one

as if acting or moving as a single person. (*Typically: act ~; move ~; speak ~.) All the dancers moved as one. The chorus spoke as one.
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as one

Also, as one man or woman . All together, unanimously. For example, The marchers shouted as one, "We shall overcome!" or They replied as one woman, "Of course we'll stay and help." This term appeared in the Bible (Judges 20:8): "And all the people arose as one man." [Late 1500s] For synonyms, see to a man; with one voice.
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as ˈone

(also as one ˈman) (formal) in agreement; all together: We spoke as one on this matter.As Victoria approached the finishing line, the crowd rose to their feet as one man, and cheered her on.
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The court also disagreed with the IRS's argument of substance over form; even though the estates were substantively handled as one, that did not override Bankruptcy Code Section 302.
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As one of our instructors loved to remind us, our results on a personality test taken in the first week of training showed that most of us matched the classic Foreign Service Officer (FSO) profile.
In part because, as one of his memos began, "So far only X, Y, and Z have shown up on the embassy's screen for having utilized representational funds this fiscal year."
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