as near as dammit

as near as dammit

In every practical or functional sense; almost completely. Primarily heard in UK. These shoes look like the ones she saw in the magazine, as near as dammit, so I think she'll love them.
See also: near

as near as dammit (or damn it)

as close to being accurate as makes no difference. informal
See also: near

as ˌnear as ˈdammit

(also as ˌnear as makes no ˈdifference) (British English, spoken) very nearly; so nearly something or so like something that you can consider it the same: The bill for the meal was £100, as near as dammit.Here’s some paint to cover that scratch on the car. It’s not an exact match but it’s as near as makes no difference.
Dammit is a way of writing damn it (an expression showing you are annoyed or impatient)
See also: near
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And my sources at Audi tell me we may be looking at the production car itself, or as near as dammit.
TONIGHT England fans should get their wish, a full 90 minutes - or as near as dammit - for Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen.
IT WOULD have been an injustice to a company that had worked so hard and so effectively for the whole of the evening if Jill Bray had stolen the show with her late entrance as Princess Anastasia to lead the First Love trio - but she comes as near as dammit.
Well, not exactly, but as near as dammit is to swearing, as my mother would say.
Heroic, brave, determined utterly fearless and, as near as dammit, technically perfect.