as likely as not

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as likely as not

Probably; most likely. During lunch, you'll find Mrs. Smith preparing lessons in her office, as likely as not.
See also: likely, not

as ˌlikely as ˈnot


most/very ˈlikely

very probably: As likely as not she’s forgotten all about it.
See also: likely, not
References in classic literature ?
I have no doubt that he has twenty banking accounts; the bulk of his fortune abroad in the Deutsche Bank or the Credit Lyonnais as likely as not.
Chance was as likely as not to carry me into the very corridor they might choose to enter.
It's just as likely as not,' said Bob,' one of these days; though there's plenty of time for that, my dear.
And as likely as not she belongs to gentlefolk too, poor ones maybe.
Put to rest in Davy Jones's locker this many a day, as likely as not.
We after the convict, and a hell-hound, as likely as not, after us.