as if

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as if

1. Like. I have such a terrible headache—I feel as if my head is going to explode. I did tell her that I wouldn't be home for dinner tonight. It's as if she doesn't listen to me at all!
2. An interjection indicating complete dismissal of what has been said or suggested, implying that it is not the case or would never happen. A: "Tim thinks he's going to go to the prom with you." B: "As if! I'd rather go by myself."
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as if

Also, as though. As it would be, as in He decided to accept, as if it really mattered, or John scowled as though he were really angry. The first idiom dates from the late 1500s, the variant from the late 1700s. Also see make as if.
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as if!

used to express the speaker's belief that something is very doubtful or unlikely. informal

as ˈif

(spoken) used to express anger at or disapproval of a suggestion, an explanation, etc., or to deny a possibility: As if I really cared!‘Don’t tell Tom I said that, will you?’ ‘Oh, as if (I would)!’
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as if/as though

in a way that suggests something: He behaved as if nothing had happened.It sounds as though you had a good time.
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As if!

and AI
exclam. an expression said when someone says something that is not true but wishes that it were. (Also, and perhaps usually, sarcastic.) A: I’ve got a whole lot of good qualities. B: AI! My hair should look like a pile of wet thatch? As if!