as for

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as for

On the topic of; regarding. As for my sleep, it's been a bit restless lately. Greg is coming tonight. As for Judy, I'm not sure—she never replied to my invitation.

as for someone or something

 and as to someone or something
regarding someone or something. As for the mayor, he can pay for his own dinner. As for this chair, there is nothing to do but throw it away.

as for

Also, as to. With regard to, concerning. For example, As for dessert, I'd better skip it today and We are not sure as to how to pay the bill. A particularly well-known use of this idiom is in Patrick Henry's speech before the Virginia Convention in 1775: "As for me, give me liberty or give me death." Also see as to.

as for somebody/something

turning to the subject of somebody/something: I like Sue very much, but as for her boyfriend — I wouldn’t care if I never saw him again!
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